Eliminated Christopher, five outcasts in the nominations

Eliminated Christopher, five outcasts in the nominations

On the Monday May 22, 2023 episode of Isola dei Famosi, Helena Priestes loses on televised against Pamela and Fabio and is forced to leave Playa Tosta. Paulo Nuez withdrew from the game due to health issues. Christopher Leoni was eliminated from the match, while five castaways were nominated: Luca, Natalie, Pamela, Mazzoli and Corinne.

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loop iAlone from the celebrities of 2023 The evening of Monday 22nd May saw a televised rout Helena Priestes: the outcast from Brazil forced to leave Playa Tosta with her friend Nikita Pelizon, landed in Honduras as an upset, being the least voted by the public in the telecast challenge against Pamela Camassa and Fabio Ricci. The reality show had to say goodbye to another contestant: Pee noise He withdrew due to a health problem.

who was eliminated on the May 22, 2023 episode

After a hard fight with Alessandra Drusian, Helena Priestes She found out the result of the telecast that the protagonist saw: the Brazilian was the least vocal against Pamela Camassa and Fabio Ricci from Gales and had to leave Playa Tosta to head to Playa Sant’Elena. Also with her is Nikita Pelizon, who has arrived in Honduras to surprise her. Before saying goodbye to her comrades, the drowned woman chooses to give Alessandra Drusian a “Judas kiss,” sending her flying straight to the TV. Upon reaching the island of Sant’Elena, a televangelist quickly opens between Cristopher and Gianmaria to decide who will have to leave. The lowest number of votes was Christopher Leoni who was eliminated from the May 22 episode.

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Who are the contestants nominated for the May 22nd episode?

Even during the May 22 episode of Isola dei Famosi, the dreaded nominations moment came. Andrea is immune because he won the leader’s test. The first to express her preference was Corinne, who went by the name Marco Mazzoli. The outcast, in turn, reciprocated the vote. Fabio De Galles nominated by Nathalie, Pamela, Alessandra and Cristina Mazzoli nominated. On the other hand, Fabio mentioned Corinne’s name, and so did Luca. TV’s Most Voted Untouchables: LucaAnd NatalieAnd PamelaAnd packages And Corinne.

Alessandra Drossian attacks Helena Prestis, Nikita Bellison intervenes: “Now tone it down”

What happened in the May 22 episode of Al-Mashhour Island 2023

The sixth appointment of Isola dei Famosi 2023 on the evening of Monday 22 May 2023, among the supporters, saw Nikita Pelizon And Aldo MontanoThey traveled to Honduras to help the tribes and surprise their friends. Helena Priestes And Andrew Le Cicero. bet with Christian Totti and his girlfriend, Melissa Monty, in the studio audience, also witnessing the abandonment Paul Noyes, He had to retire due to a health problem. Before she had to leave Playa Tosta, Helena Prestes argued passionately with Khalees, Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci: her friend Nikita Pelizon stepped in to defuse the clash. Then Cristina Scoccia revealed that she fell in love several months ago with someone she met in Madrid.

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