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Juventus host Wolfsburg Women on Day 3 of the UEFA Women’s Champions League: summary, slow motion, score, scoreboard, live news

(Sent to Allianz Stadium) – The Juventus women in the atmosphere Montemoro . challenge Wolfsburg On the third day of Champions League.

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Juventus Women’s Wolfsburg 1-1: Summary and slow motion

6′ Cernoia free kick – The ball was kicked high in the area. Schulte outlet which plugs in two halves

8, a wapmouth shot – Conclusion download from outside the region. Easy Block Beard Magnin

9′ Caruso and Bonanci fail to kick – Double chance in the area, both expected by the Wolfsburg defenders

10, Tiru Rauch – End of the left flight from inside the area. Peyraud-Magnin is very good at blocking while diving

15 Ammonites Latwin – Intervention in Bonanci disrupted

Oberdorf number 19′– Run to the two people on the right and put him inside. A very high conclusion from Rauch about the rejection of the Juventus defense

22′ Jules Girelli – Caruso’s pocket for Girelli who crosses the area with his left hand. Don’t blame Schulte on this occasion

25, Gul Latwin – On top of Sarah Gama’s header, she wore a latino and placed it under the crossbar

28′ BEIROD MAGNIN EXIT – He doesn’t catch the ball but on this occasion he managed to solve a complicated situation

29 Wassmouth shots- Another reflection in the face. Inside the choker end area that ends at the bottom

29 Ammonit Rusuchi – Do it tactically

33 shot world – Powerful and subtle on the outside, Peyraud-Magnin stretches well and sets it in a corner

say 36 Thrown in front of Peyraud-Magnin she spins it around and sets it low in front of the door. No companion is ready to put it down, then put a gamma in a corner

38, Ammonit Oberdorf – Cruel intrusion into Bonanci

43 Shot Bonanci – Released by Gamma, she endeavors to come to a conclusion with the first intent to bypass Schulte. balloon height

45 Wassmouth Shot- Conclusion crossed from inside the area, dangerous but below

45 + 1 halftime – Interval in the field

The best of the Juventus women’s match

at the end of the match

Juventus Women’s Wolfsburg 1-1: Score and match report

Networks: 22′ GIRLEY, 25′ LATWIN

Juventus (4-3-3): Berod Magnin; Lundorff, Gamma, Sylvay, Poitin; Rusucci, Pedersen, Caruso; Bonance, Girelli, Cernoia. everybody. Montemoro. Available. April, Hyyrynen, Nilden, Staskova, Hurtig, Giai, Zamanian, Bonfantini, Beccari, Pfattner, Lenzini

Wolfsburg (4-2-3-1): must; Hendrich, Wedemeyer, Janssen, Rauch; Oberdorf, Latwin; Wassmuth, Huth, Knaak, Roord. everybody. straw Available. Kassen, Webb, Bremer, Stark, Smits, Svafa, Blomqvist, Van de Sanden, Dorson Khaja

Rule: Pustovoitova (Russia)

ammoniat15, Latwin, 29, Rossochi, 38, Oberdorf

Juventus Women’s Wolfsburg: Preliminary Match

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