Monica Cambra, film director: “The entire film Un sol radiant was filmed in the Paix camp, and every shot was filmed at home.”

Monica Cambra, film director: “The entire film Un sol radiant was filmed in the Paix camp, and every shot was filmed at home.”

What will the last week of our lives be like before the end of the world? “Un sol radiant” tells the few remaining days on Earth from an intimate perspective and through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl, played by Laia Artigas. Un Sol Radiant was released in cinemas on May 17. The film is the debut work of Monica Cambra from Cambrils, Ariadna Fortuny (Minorca), Claudia García de Dios (Ríos), Lucía Herrera (Gran Canaria) and Mónica Torte (Saint Puy de Llobregat), five young creatives who trained at UPF.

Mila is an eleven-year-old girl facing her last days before the end of the world. Meanwhile, he struggles to keep his family together by throwing a last-minute party. Un sol radiant stars Laia Artigas, who returns to cinema with this production after being discovered in the film Summer 1993, directed by Carla Simone. He is accompanied in the cast by Nuria Primez, Nuno Sales, Jaume Villalta, and Mercy Ponce.

“We had been talking about the film for 5 years, and being able to release it at home was very nice. It hit theaters a year later, opening in 30 theaters across the state.” spoke with Mònica Cambra from Cambrils about this theatrical release. According to him, “The official premiere of the film took place on March 24, 2023 at the Talent Section of the D’A Film Festival. It was very impressive because usually festival and film distribution strategies premiere the film far away.” But we were able to premiere it in Barcelona, ​​near our families and friends, and it was very nice because it was a great party where the whole team, friends, families were there… We had been talking about the film for 5 years. Years and it was great to be able to release it in theaters a year later, and it opened in 30 theaters across the state, some of them.”

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The reception from the audience was very good. “This is one of the most beautiful things, because up until now we have shown the film at festivals, but now there is a real connection with the audience. It is not just people from the industry who go to cinemas, everyone who wants to go to the cinema. It is amazing that we receive so many messages from A lot of people and this is something that surprised us. It’s very wonderful because the film is already an audience and everyone interprets it and lives it in a different way. We interpreted it in a way, but in the end we see that it has many readings and it is a very beautiful moment of participation that gives meaning to filmmaking.

Picture frame from the film (Photo: Cedida)

“The film critics were really impressed and that’s what makes us so excited.”

The film has been well received by audiences and critics since its premiere at festivals last year. “The film critics were also really impressed and we’re very excited about it. The critics are saying it’s a feature film and it doesn’t feel like a feature film. This is great for both Ari and I’s film careers. It means we have more opportunities in the next projects, which is worth noting.” Also that there are certain differences between the criticism from the rest of the country of this kind of intimate, rural Catalan cinema that likes “We are not used to seeing it. One day, they put a comment on Cinemania and it was titled ‘Apocalypse en Casa Tarradellas’.” “I was blown away by the title.”

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“The scale of the film has kept increasing, and it is wild to be able to see it on the big screen. Moreover, learning and enjoying the whole process. When you share the film, everything makes sense. Plus, we met again and this is remembering again – “It’s all like a great adventure with friends.”

This has definitely been a long-term project. “We started writing in 2019. A lot of things had happened, including the coronavirus. It’s been a journey we didn’t know it would be so big. When we started writing, we never imagined it could be done, much less that it was cast in a role The show and we started writing the project in the academic framework, and little by little it gained great importance when we got involved in the production company, when we got public funds.. We contacted the artistic actresses. It was difficult to see it on the big screen apart from that, learning and enjoying the whole process Makes sense. Plus, we met up again and it was a great adventure with friends, but we enjoyed it.”

Currently, Monica Cambra from Cambrils continues her training. He lives in Donosti where he studies a Master’s degree in Creativity at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola Centre. “It’s a very small school but it deals a lot with analogue film. I’m learning a lot about it and I’m also starting to write another film that will be a feature film. Now yes, I’m writing it myself, but to continue to help my colleagues at Radiant in some way, they’re actually already doing that, and I Very happy and I love the Basque country very much.

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Frame from the film (Image: Introduction)

“Many people from Cambrils participated.”

On the other hand, Cambra regretted that, at the moment, it will not be possible to watch the film at the Rambla de l’Art cinema in Cambrils. “We tried to talk to the cinema but no agreement could be reached. I was very excited because so many people from Cambrils were involved. The whole film was shot at Baix Camp, every shot was shot at home. I like this very much because, for example, when we go “To Madrid, they ask us where this amazing place is, and he says he wants to come on vacation and that’s the part that makes me very proud.”

“I will keep trying to show the film in Cambrils because I think the people of Cambrilenca want to see it. In addition, many people come as extras. There have also been financial subsidies from the Tarragona Provincial Council, from the Joventut Cambrils, from the Reus City Council… Let’s see Hopefully we can make it through the summer!”

Poster containing a list of rooms where the film is still being shown (Image: credited)

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