March 25, 2023

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It only costs you 50 cents –

The rise in energy prices is now a fact that is reflected from the first months of 2022 until today: thanks to the recent conflict in Ukraine, the cost of energy (electricity and gas) has seen a significant increase, and has reached the increase. to 60% compared to last year’s costs.

Today, we offer you some practical tips and suggestions to counter these constant increases in monthly bills in a wise and smart way.

In fact, sometimes, even seemingly trivial things can really make a difference, resulting in much lower energy consumption, and thus good savings on the next bills to be paid in the coming months.

The first advice we give you regarding the home environment is that of It has good facilities in the house. In the event that you have old and poorly maintained fixtures, in fact, there is a risk that the heat (provided by heating) can be easily dispersed, due to any vents and drafts present in any corner of the house.

As for the use of household appliances, whether it is a washing machine or dishwasher, it is very necessary Use it only when fully loaded, to avoid unnecessary wastage and multiple washes that are simply a drain on future bills. In this regard, we always talk about household appliances, the use of “Eco” or “Environment” modewhich is largely present in the latest generation devices, and allows for lower power consumption.

heating at night

Another aspect to consider is night heating. In fact, it represents one of the main consumptions from the point of view of energy in the economy of the homes of millions of Italians, but it is better to exclude it, since it is not very useful and involves significant gas consumption. In fact, one is enough electric blanketwhich consumes significantly less than overnight heaters, and can return (for just 25 cents a night) a nice warmth throughout your sleep.

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We suggest a model of the electric blanket available on Amazon, Available on offer for only €34.99, at a discount of up to 46%, compared to the original list price set at 64.95 euros. It has 3 temperature modes, and it can be washed completely without any kind of problem.

blanket 2 weboot

The electric blanket is 150 cm long and 90 cm wide, which makes it suitable for use on a single bed without problems. In case you are interested, the electric blanket can be easily purchased by clicking this Tabuk.