Mirjana Trevisan “Psychic” / Reveals Deadline, Signorini is skeptical: How did you do it?

Mirjana Trevisan In the psychological version has to guess, with the mental Geocas Casilla, final date Big Brother VIP 2021which has been officially postponed. “I would say March 14,” soubrette ventures when she is summoned to the mysterious room with her adventure companion. Alfonso Signorini is silent because when the contents of the ominous red envelope are revealed, he realizes that the date is exactly the date indicated by Mirjana Trevisan. Giucas congratulates Mirjana, who was an idealist: “You are a true psychic, I am a mental scientist. When I said March 14, I couldn’t repeat it either. “

Mirjana Trevisan Guess The GF VIP Deadline: Contestants Reaction

Mirjana Trevisan and Geocas Casella They carry the red envelope to the main hall, where the other contestants are waiting to know the verdict. When Miriana and Giucas revealed it, many of them were dumbfounded. Sully Sorge is frustrated, but her face isn’t the only face she’s petrified by the final date. Thus, Alfonso Signorini intervenes in the matter of reassuring the boys: they will have plenty of time to decide whether or not to continue their adventure in Big Brother VIP.

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