ATM withdrawals surprised users: What is this new alert?

Several users noticed a new code regarding ATM withdrawals. Let’s find out what it is

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

the ATM It is one of the most used tools in our country and abroad. We have all learned to recognize this thing. In fact, there are thousands of withdrawals made every day. Although the governments of many countries are working to try Limit the use of cash as much as possible. The goal, as you can imagine, is to make transactions traceable and secure.

Although what to do withdraw in ATM You have to be careful. Moreover, many users noticed a new code that aroused not only curiosity, but also some concern on the other hand. Let’s find out what it is specifically and if this will change the methods in some way withdrawal And how it will affect.

Withdrawing from an ATM The code will surprise you

Intesa Sanpaolo users can use the app through the app Cardless withdrawal. Innovative method thanks to this process will definitely be faster and safer. To withdraw cash, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and confirm your fingerprint.

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To implement withdrawal Simply touch any button on the quick push or the screen if it has touch screen technology. At this point a QR code will appear. At this point, it is necessary to frame it with your smartphone. The application will directly contact the cashier.

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The game is about to end. You have to choose the account you want to debit from. Obviously, we recommend that you validate the information entered. If so, after confirmation, the file withdrawal It will be practically concluded. Innovative and definitely smarter mode.

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