“I will not understand that Messi is the best in history”

“I will not understand that Messi is the best in history”

Carlo Ancelotti has his say in the debateTito, flaming after the World Cup, Whether Leo Messi is the best soccer player of all time. “It’s hard to say, I don’t know if he’s the best in history – explained the Real Madrid coach on the eve of the match against Valladolid -. It’s not right to say that, because every era has very good players. “Messi is the best in history” will never come out of my mouth. I was able to admire a lot of good players, and I’m training for the Ballon d’Or every day. And I saw Cruyff playing Maradona…”.

Ancelotti also spoke about the Brazilian national team, which is looking for a new coach after the departure of Tite. He explained: “If they were interested, they didn’t contact me, but if they were interested, I appreciate it. My situation is clear: I’m still here, and I will never tell Real Madrid that this adventure is over.”

On condition of Benzema. “He came back from his holidays on the 10th and when he came back he was fine. He worked with the team and played half an hour and 45 minutes in the friendlies. I think he will show all his qualities”. Then he avoided arguing with Deschamps: “He didn’t talk about this decision. He has returned to us a very motivated player and we are convinced that he will do a lot for us in the second half of the season.”

In these off weeks, Real managed to secure new Brazilian football phenomenon Andrique. “He’s a great player, a great talent. The club has reached an agreement with his family for 2024 and that’s good news.”

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Ancelotti closes the market, at least when entering. “The arrivals are closed, because we have a big squad. We don’t know about leaving yet, because maybe some players who play less want to leave.”

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