Luna Marie and I are not okay.

Luna Marie and I are not okay.

social post – “Hi everyone, Luna and I just had a bad flu and are trying to get back on track,” Belen Rodriguez wrote in her social post. An unaccompanied message immediately freaked out her more than 10 million followers, who showered her with heartwarming messages.

Pelin reassures followers – A few hours go by and Belen Rodriguez reassures fans by posting a video of herself recovering in lingerie with the Christmas tree in the background. “I wanted to thank you for the affection you showed me every time something not very nice happened to me. I think Luna and I took the Australian swing which I must say is very difficult.” He promises not to miss the appointment for the “hyenas” procedure and calls out: “I wanted to tell you: protect your children because the wards are really crowded and full of children with respiratory problems caused by this alternative.”

Video with Luna Marie – Belen Rodriguez also shares a short video of Luna Maru hugging, The girl is one and a half years old born from short affair with Antonino Spinalbis. It is clear that the young child is suffering from the after-effects of the fever. “Strength restored, but some smiles start to appear,” writes the showgirl accompanying the video in which she jokes with the little girl and tries to amuse her.

There is no shortage of cash – Besides those who worry about Belen Rodriguez’s health, there are also those who never miss an opportunity to criticize her. “Honey, instead of a low-cut tank top, how about a little turtleneck pajama set?” Someone writes, “Does he have the flu and is he wearing an undershirt? To understand…” Others write. There are also those who speak for the little girl’s father, Antonino Spinalbes, Currently in the “Big Brother Vip” house.. “He hasn’t seen her in three months, send him a picture,” “Show him, don’t be mean,” read the comments.

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