Milli Carlucci’s daughter is also a member of the board of directors of Terna: who is the young director Angelica Cristel Donati

Milli Carlucci’s daughter is also a member of the board of directors of Terna: who is the young director Angelica Cristel Donati

Angelica Cristel Donati was born in Los Angeles in 1986, the daughter of Milli Carlucci and young entrepreneur prodigy, and officially entered the board of directors of Terna Corporation, the company that manages electricity transmission networks. Donati is part of the round of appointments ordered by the government: from now on he will collaborate in the important reality with Giuseppina di Foggia, the new Managing Director and the first woman to head a large publicly listed company. The 37-year-old eldest daughter of businessman Angelo Donati and famous rai TV presenter Milli Carlucci lives between Rome and London. After studying at Marymount International School in England and at Sevenoaks School, she graduated in Management from the London School of Economics. In 2009, she then enrolled for an MBA at Oxford University, and at the age of 26 she joined the Donati immobiliare Group, a subsidiary of Donati Spa, which her father had founded in 1978.

between tasks and television

An entrepreneur and manager in the construction sector, an expert on technology and the impact of digital transformation, Angelica Cristel Donati was the president of Ance Giovani, which has led more than 1,800 young entrepreneurs across the country between the ages of 18 and 40. He is often a guest on The Giovanni Flores Show Tuesday On the A7, ha Wire Giuseppe Candela’s column has been around several times Dagosby: «Ready and well attended, Donati is the boss of Anas Giovanni, but above all the daughter of Milli Carlucci. Did your mother give you some lessons on videography? ». Besides references to issues of kinship, the young woman seemed prepared for subjects within her competence. Among the topics covered on Floris’ well-known talk show by the entrepreneur are also those of strictly economic relevance, often bringing the voice of the construction sector to the center.

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Youngest member of Terna’s board of directors

In the round of appointments by the Meloni government, the 37-year-old won entry into the state-owned company Terna, representing the smallest stake ever on the board. Also with her on the board are Francesco Renato Meli, Kenjing Chen, Regina Corradini Darienzo, Angelica Cristel Donati, Enrico Tommaso Cocciani, Gian Luca Gregory and Simona Signoracci. And again, CEO Giuseppina Di Foggia and President Igor de Blasio, much older than Donati.

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