Charlotte Casiraghi: Heartbreaking tribute to her son, endless pain

Charlotte Casiraghi: Heartbreaking tribute to her son, endless pain

Charlotte Casiraghi is in great pain because of her son Raphael: the subjects are silent. Women no longer know what to do

the beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi He received news that no one wanted to hear: it was about his beloved son, Raphael. The situation is tragic The entire Principality of Monaco is in pain over the fate of the little one.

Women do not have noble titles, but she is still the eleventh in the line of succession to the throne of Monaco. Before her are the children of Albert II of Monaco, her mother, her brother Andrea and her children, and her brother Pierre and her children.

Daughter of Carolina de Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi You’ve never been a fan of the spotlight, but now, in spite of herself, she ended up under her. It is located around A very sensitive issue For her sake the whole principality crosses her fingers, wishing the woman the best wishes.

Today Charlotte is happily married Dimitri is a paintera film producer, with whom he had a son Balthazar. The woman reconstructed her life after the end of her former love, and so far has lived quietly. Suddenly, like a thunderbolt from the sky, Really horrible unexpected event Which puts Charlotte in serious trouble.

Charlotte Casiraghi, Drama Mother

Unfortunately Charlotte is at the heart of the gossip very sad news involving Prince Raphael. A really silly drama that a woman doesn’t know how to handle: she’s trapped.

Charlotte Casiraghi

I turned the topics around after learning that the woman She risks losing her son’s custody battle. Little Raphael was born from the relationship between Charlotte and Gad Elmaleh, a cartoonist and comedian originally from Morocco. The two got engaged in 2011 and in 2015 announced the end of their love.

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Relations seemed completely calm, but something happened that no one expected now. Al-Maleh wants to request exclusive custody of the son Because Charlotte doesn’t let him see him as often as he wants. “Jad dreams of being able to spend more time with his son” A source close to the man said. “If it is possible” Without the bodyguards imposed on him by Charlotte Casiraghi“.

The situation is really delicate. Charlotte will fight with all her might To keep custody, but Al-Malih is also ready to use all the weapons in his possession to get his son back. Poor Raphael between two fires.

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