“China is dangerous to our economy. Born? Don’t touch”

“The China This is dangerous for our economy, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Thomas Smith, America’s Charge d’Affers in Italy has touched on all the hot topics of the moment: from Taiwan to Ukraine, to the war against Govt. And it talks about the special understanding between Joe Biden and Mario Tracy.

Increase in trade transactions and growth of mutual direct investment in 2021. Italy and United StatesThis year, which celebrates 160 years of diplomatic relations, things are getting better and better.
“Yes, this is a very important year for bilateral relations. The G20 was with the arrival of President Biden and I would like to underline that the reception from Rome was fantastic. Draghi’s leadership is very encouraging to the economy and the same thing is happening in the US: there are more opportunities and stronger interests for American investors in the Italian market. After all, we already have a strong foundation: over $ 100 billion in trade and big investments. Fortunately we two countries are in the development phase.

Relations with Trump were a bit cold. How much do Biden and Drake’s figures weigh on the resumption of relations between the United States and Italy?
“Relations between our countries are beyond personalities and administrations. But this year I noticed a strong understanding between the two leaders. During their meeting in Rome, there was harmony and they shared values ​​and ideas. ”

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We are in an emergency due to Govt. How are the United States and Italy cooperating in the fight against the virus?
“I want to say three things. Italy’s leadership in the G20 has been instrumental in promoting a global response to the virus. Leaders have reached agreements to prepare us for future epidemics. The second thing is that both Italy and the United States are working to protect citizens. Third point: We share the view that agreements between two or three countries cannot defeat this virus, and that a global campaign must be carried out. As President Biden announced, we will provide more than a billion vaccines to the world, and Italy is doing the same. So we share this common effort to vaccinate as many people as possible.

The sale of submarines to Australia has created some friction between the United States and Europe. In Brussels there is talk of strategic alliances between the European military and EU countries. There are also those who want to retire from NATO. What do you think?
“NATO is the most successful alliance in history. The strength of the EU is not a problem for the United States, but we think it will support NATO.”

So you are not among those who want to send the Atlantic Alliance to the abyss.
“No, NATO is a strategic alliance and a reference point for our relations with Europe.”

The United States is very busy opposing China on the economic and military front. For example, the recent case of an Italian company producing drones that became Chinese-owned. But there is also talk of intelligence warnings of infiltration into ports and universities targeted by Beijing. Do you think China represents a real danger to Italy?
“Relations with China are complex. You can work with them like climate change. At the same time, China is threatening our economy. For this we need to encourage transparent, honest and clear investments. Their threat extends to the values ​​we share with our allies. At this point, we and Italy have the same idea on how to deal with China, and try to cooperate with them if possible.

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Are you more concerned about Ukraine or Taiwan? In the latter front there was a fierce battle between G and Biden.
“The international chessboard is too complex and too dangerous to be assessed. President Biden has spoken with Drake and other European leaders to counter the Russian threat. At the same time, we are working with allies in the Indo-Pacific region to counter China’s threats. But in both cases, diplomacy is the best solution.

There are many US sites in Italy. And our country, more than anyone else, supports the United States by participating with thousands of men in important missions abroad. In recent months, under President Biden, we have seen gradual US secession in the warmer parts of the world, as happened recently with Afghanistan. Do you not think that this “retreat” will somehow support terrorism?
“I would like to respond to President Biden’s statement:” As far as Afghanistan is concerned, we do not have to wage war on the ground to fight terrorism in that area. Yes, but our primary goal is to combat it.

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