Juventus, what a joke! Iocolano is not enough, Trento wins in the 94th minute

Juventus, what a joke!  Iocolano is not enough, Trento wins in the 94th minute

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95′ – the final whistle. The next generation of Juventus made fun of them in the last moments, and Trento won 2-1

94′ – Trento is back! In 94′ it’s time to try Easter, this time Garovani hits and explodes the tip for the homeowners

84′ – Trento approaches the new advantage by hitting the post with Pasquato.

74′ – Juventus pull off the next gen: the Bianconeri beat the opposition through Iocolano’s goal that put everything in balance thanks to a perfect free kick

62′ – Stramaccioni becomes dangerous. The next generation of Juve, Marchegiani is paying attention once again.

54′ – The Bianconeri are looking for an equalizer: Iolano tries, but Trentino’s defense is vigilant.

46 ‘- We return to the field in the second half of the match.

45 ‘- difference in relief. The first half ended with Trento advancing 1-0 over the upcoming Juventus.

38′ – A chance for Juventus with Sersante who came close to equalizing: a powerful conclusion from the edge finds refusal by Marchiani.

37′ – Cudrig attempts a free kick with a shot that manages to cross the barriers and then exits into the arms of Marchegiani.

25 min – Trento have the advantage: Damien resolves Scar with a close-range shot into the corner, which Garovani throws desperately but can’t deflect.

23′ – Central knock for Fabbri who kicks him alone in front of the Juventus goalkeeper.

20′ – Great chance for Juventus: Free kick by Iocolano who finds Poli at the far post, the Juventus captain hits a ball but an opponent saves it on the line.

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13′ – Cudrig, after being cautioned, tries Joker from distance but his result is not finding the opponent’s goal mirror.

5′ – The owners start strong and try first with Brighenti and then with Saporetti: in both cases, however, the target is missed.

1′ – Everything is ready in Briamasco: the match between Trento and Juventus Next Gen begins, valid for the first day of return from Serie C

Trento – Juventus Next Generation: Official Lineups

Trento (4-3-3): Marciani. galazzini, fieri, vittorini, semperini; Ballarini, Damian, Fabry; Saporetti, Brigenti, Pasquato. everyone. Tedino.

Juventus Next January (4-3-3): cloves. Savona, Poli, Stramaccione, Molatzzi; Sersanti, Bonetti, Iocolano; Coudrig, Siri, Lipari. everybody.: Brambilla.

to rule: Rossano swap.

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