“My dad was a great athlete.”

Marta Fascina arrived at 20.25 on the U-Power Stadium Monza Football To attend the first edition of the cup entitled A Silvio BerlusconiWho disappeared on June 12 of last year. The fourth escort of the former prime minister presented herself at the entrance to the portico of power, and was escorted to the entrance by two employees of Monza.

For her first public outing, Fasina opted for a long blue dress with a low-cut bodice and white sneakers, with a high ponytail gathering her very blonde hair. Since Berlusconi’s death, Member of Forza Italia She remained at the Villa San Martino residence, without ever appearing in public. With her, in alternating moments, is her father, Orazio.

His son was also present at the Monza-Milan match in memory of the former Rossoneri patron, Pierre Silvio. Before entering, the managing director of Mediaset said: «It’s one Great emotion Seeing all these people here for my dad. It’s something that gives us a lot of strength. This evening is really exciting for us. My dad was a great athleteI’ve always loved Milan and Monza. And get used to Mirabilia, this evening I have a lot of feelings in my heart, People’s affection is the most beautiful thing. This story should not be forgotten. It is a beautiful thing for us children, proof of my father’s greatness and humanity. For his love of sport and Italy.”

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