Sonic Frontiers Still ‘A Global Test’, As The Director Says, Needs Improvement –

Sonic Frontiers Still ‘A Global Test’, As The Director Says, Needs Improvement –

vocal boundaries will still be at some point global playtestaccording to director Mio Kishimoto, who admitted that the game is still great improvement margins This development will occur in the coming period.

Speaking on Twitter, the Sonic Frontiers manager responded to some of the statements from users and critics saying that “there are still areas that haven’t yet reached their full potential,” stating that “we’re going to take this seriously as a kind of global test.” Basically, for the developers, there is still work on the game to make it better and this has to happen even though the title is already available in the market.

In fact, Sonic Frontiers has been met with somewhat mixed ratings, considering the international review ratings range from 2-9, yet the average rating is very positive. In addition, to show the excellent response from the audience, we found that the game set the record for concurrent users on Steam for the series, but that does not mean that there is no room for improvement.

On the other hand, Sonic Frontiers offers a somewhat unprecedented approach to the Sega time series, offering a wide range open world It can be freely explored, and it actually swaps out very successful sections with others that fail to fully exploit the gameplay’s potential. Most likely, the developers intend to work on these by improving the contents in a post-launch development process, but we wait to understand exactly what the director means when he talks about the global gameplay test, also because the translation from Japanese can be misleading.

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In the meantime, we’re also referring you to our review of Sonic Frontiers to see in more detail what we think of the new chapter of Sonic’s adventures.

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