Microsoft Xbox and Activision, Wall Street Believes in Acquisition Fail –

Microsoft Xbox and Activision, Wall Street Believes in Acquisition Fail –

According to Bloomberg, investors Wall Street believe in acquisition failed from Activision from Microsoft: This is evidenced by the fact that the publisher’s shares are currently about 25% lower than the official offer made by Redmond.

This means that anyone who buys Activision Blizzard stock for $76 today will earn well $19 per share Should the acquisition by Microsoft be successful: a margin usually associated with operations with an unlikely outcome. To take a recent example, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is associated with less than half the risk.

Although Activision lost 50 million monthly active users in the first three months of 2022, in short, no situation has emerged in which the company’s purchase appears to be a unifying thing, mainly due to the unknown. Antitrust.

There is already a possibility that the acquisition will come prevented by the US regulator or the process will take a long time, since it also requires approval from more international committees, especially European and Chinese.

As we know, the FTC last month requested more documents from Microsoft, while Activision shareholders will vote on Thursday and are expected to approve the purchase, although some parties have proven quite controversial and support a different position.

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