Nuclear weapons on a submarine and London carrying missiles: Putin will not stop us

Nuclear weapons on a submarine and London carrying missiles: Putin will not stop us

there war nuclear He continues to frighten Europe. after threatening Russia to Great Britain, London It carries missiles on the nuclear submarine HMS Audacious, which is docked in Gibraltar. The decision follows provocations by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, which indicated that Moscow was ready to provide an immediate “relative response” after Britain helped the Ukrainians launch attacks on Russian soil. But the words of Putin’s minister that hurt Britain the most: “It wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if representatives of a particular Western country were in those decision-making centers in Kyiv.” For Ben Wallace, the British government’s defense secretary, the Russian president is raising his tone to “cover up his failures” in Ukraine. “NATO takes it incredibly seriously and we must take it very seriously – he adds – but without being intimidated by the obligation to defend Ukraine from its brutality.”

World War III, General Battisti: “The role of China will be decisive. This is what Italy would risk.”

Nuclear weapons on submarine and Gb ready to send weapons

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that the UK will soon supply Kyiv not only with long-range Brimstone missiles, which are used as surface-to-surface weapons, but also with specific “anti-ship” batteries. Wallace dismissed Russian accusations of NATO involvement in the conflict, arguing that London supplies arms “like 40 other countries under bilateral agreements.” But the Kremlin spokesman insists that sending weapons to Ukraine poses a “threat to the security of Europe,” and China denounces that NATO is “a tool for individual states to seek hegemony” not only in the North Atlantic, but also in the Asia-Pacific, which they have resorted to in recent years. To show its power and provoke disputes.

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British nuclear submarine: all the features

The length of the submarine is 97 meters, and the 7,400-ton submarine can reach more than 30 knots. It is the main nuclear submarine of the Royal Navy and one of the seven Astute attack class, which can perform various key roles (such as secret intelligence) and is capable of launching nuclear weapons and the Tomahawk Land Attack missile. Audacious is capable of hitting targets up to 1,200 kilometers from the coast with pinpoint accuracy. The ship is also able to produce its own oxygen and fresh water from seawater, which means it is able to take on long missions without the need for air. In total, she can navigate immersed for up to 90 days.

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