Car seat, because they all have red tape on the sides: it’s cool

Car seat, because they all have red tape on the sides: it’s cool

The car is now so vitally important in the lives of all of us that we will spend many hours there throughout the day.

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For this reason, today we will see some tips on how to solve small problems that can make our driving experience unpleasant.

For example, not many know that there Various treatments to remove scratches, avoid clumsily scratching the car and even clean the air intakes conveniently and quickly.

There are many tricks to make our life in the car easier

Returning to talking about scratches, in fact, the latter can be eliminated with a simple Nail polish. On the other hand, how many times has a phone fallen under a seat? Well, with a simple trick, it won’t happen again.

By placing a tightly wrapped blanket in the space between the handbrake and the passenger seat, our smartphone will not suffer from sudden falls while driving.

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Moreover, staying on smartphones, how many times did we leave the house with the latter almost unloaded. Shipping it in your car can be a real nightmare sometimes With a power bank socket you won’t want to connect in any way.

That’s why we can apply a magnetic cable This greatly simplifies operations. Hence, these tricks include seats as well. For example, we can attach some kind of backpack to one of them, which is useful for carrying everything we want in the car.

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With this trick, charging your mobile phone in the car will be very simple

By attaching it to the front passenger’s headrest, those behind can use this type of backpack to get a drink, eat or put their cell phones.

Let’s keep the topic talking It is a simple remedy to always be comfortable driving. In fact, we will loan the car to one friend and the other It will give the seat a completely different adjustment Which makes us uncomfortable when we get back to driving.

Magnetic cable – motors

The simple remedy for this minor inconvenience is to use del red scotch tapewhich will be very visible in the cockpit as the interior is almost always completely black.

At this point we will cut two slats by placing one on the floor and the other on the bench parallel to the position in which we will be most comfortable. Thus, Simply realign two pieces of tape to return the seat to our preferred position.

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