Michelle Hunziker live “accident”: on Instagram it ended so badly, what happened

Michelle Hunziker live “accident”: on Instagram it ended so badly, what happened

Michelle Hunziker – Newsby

Michelle Hunziker is not only a very good and likable TV presenter, but also a very active and active instagram influencer. Don’t forget that time in her life, she cut herself with a hair straightener. Fortunately nothing serious.

It is definitely a happy time for Michelle Hunziker: soon to be a grandmother and also restored relations With her ex-husband Tommaso TrussardiSo much so that gossip tabloids talk about it Backfire. If he’s on his own business, the beautiful Swiss She is very special It can not be said that with pounds the shadows that color his days, Especially funny ones that put you in a good mood. His stories and posts on Instagram They are always viralwhether they were talking about lunch at Mother’s or about her, while The hairdresser did her hair.

Michelle Hunziker
Michelle Hunziker – Newsby

Flashback with Tommaso Trussardi

While his Instagram account is full of pictures and posts on lifeA, he has more than 5 million followers, Michelle Hunziker In recent days, it is present in all the gossip tabloids in order to reunite him with Tommaso Trussardi. The couple officially said goodbye this past January: a cold shower to all their fans who have always followed and admired them as one of the most beautiful couples in entertainment. My father is so-and-so sky and sun Monday in recent months They will retrace their steps and clues, Needless to say, they appeared before the rest, Right on their social profiles.

to confirm it are the pictures that depict the couple, In this case the paparazzi, at Alta Badia And everyone is already talking about something new “honeymoon”. But this is Instagram again Provides more details: Trussardi just shared in one of his stories a picture of Michele She holds the beloved family dog ​​in her arms, While in the background, the mountain landscape stands out. No comment but a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Michelle Hunziker Live Incident

Michelle Hunziker’s smile It has always been contagious And no matter his love and family affairs which he tends to protect, he always manages to create them A familiar and intelligent connection with his fans. Like the time he was recovering with a cell phone, one of his trusted hairdressers straightened his hair, Laura Baringee.

The hairdresser was focused To make her curls iron, but inadvertently, he burned the showgirl with the hot tool, who soon began screaming. This all happened during a live broadcast on Instagram. Obviously nothing serious happened, these things happen a lot and Michelle laughed it off right away. “They were burned alive but the result is over the top. Both the hair and this beautiful makeup.” Injured, but satisfied with what she saw in the mirror, the introduction concluded.

Michelle Hunziker
Michelle Hunziker is burning with iron – Instagram – Newsby

Showgirl friends

It’s no mystery that Michelle She is also a close friend of the people who work for her And she has a great relationship with all of them, but there is one friend in particular, namely a colleague, who is always by her side and she Serena Oteri. The two have recently been swirled by rumors that they were in a fight, as if the reason was the serenity Michele found with Trussardi. In this situation, Hunziker did not want to hide in silence, But with a story in the last few hours, he’s made it right:”Bloating is fake news.” Announced, she shows herself with her best friend Otiri.

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Michelle Hunziker and Serena Oteri
Michelle Hunziker and Serena Oteri – Friends – Instagram – Newsby

In short, there are no shades in Michelle’s life. In the end, even her marriage to Tommaso Trussardi is about to save itself, and it proves The wedding ring she put on her finger and the alleged night her ex-husband spent at his house. Not to mention the ninth birthday party for their daughter, Sully, who they spent together in unison and happiness. “everything is possible. In love, even the impossible can happen. The announcer also said in a German magazine. We are sure that Michelle will continue to do so Always the sun in your faceEven in the darkest moments, as shown in the most difficult periods of her life, and even when she burns herself with a curling iron.

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