March 24, 2023

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Einstein telescope, Minister Bernini says yes to the science and research project on Sousse Anatos

The Meloni government He wants to support the Einstein Telescope project, one of the most efficient gravitational-wave telescopes capable of observing the entire universe, which can see light directly in Sardinia. Minister of University and Research, Anna Maria Bernini, she was convinced yes: “The government will do everything possible to support the Italian candidacy to host in Europe the future gravitational-wave observatory, the Einstein Telescope, for which we are competing with the Netherlands.” In the recent period, it has been a united front of the island’s mayors and Sardinian deputies elected to Parliament, as well as the communities interested in Bitti, Orune, and Buddusòexpressed concern to Regional Council And for the new government, since the project is threatened with building a wind farm.

Minister Bernini He added, during the hearing on the programmatic lines of his region, before the joint cultural committees of the Chamber and the Senate: “The site of Sousse Anatos in Sardinia deserves from us institutional and diplomatic support, Because the economic and social impact of this investment and the prospects it opens from a scientific point of view can be accompanied by a new season of development. The Einstein Telescope Challenge captures the focus on science and research beyond Pnrr, in a broader perspective, that takes us into the next decade. Moreover, it shows us how important research is and can change the face of the region.”