ChillFlex Pro, the best portable air conditioner at a small price

ChillFlex Pro, the best portable air conditioner at a small price

They are, probably, the most sought-after and sought-after household appliances in the very hot summer of 2022 portable air conditioners In fact, they allow rooms in the home (or office) to be cooled without having to do installation work.

This, of course, is not the only advantage that portable air conditioners without a hose have over “traditional” air conditioners. devices likeElectrolux Chill Flex ProFor example, they guarantee similar – if not better – performance than wall-mounted air conditioners, usually at a lower price. Moreover, with one device it will be possible to cool several rooms by easily moving the air conditioner between the rooms of the house thanks to the wheels.

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Electrolux ChillFlex Pro Data Sheet: Features and Functions

The ChillFlex Pro from Exelectrolux is among the most versatile and efficient portable air conditioners on the market today. In fact, Swedish household appliances have a high cooling power (9000 units) allowing you to quickly lower the temperature even inside large rooms. In just a few dozen minutes, the air conditioner will actually be able to cool rooms over 30 square meters.

thanks for the remote control infrared and al LCD displayControlling the functions of the Electrolux portable air conditioner will be easier than ever. If you are standing near the device, it will be enough to interact with the intuitive keyboard to start or program it. On the other hand, if you do not want to get up from the sofa (or perhaps from the bed), it will be possible to turn it on and off or change the temperature thanks to the remote control.

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The Self-evaporating systemHence, it ensures better energy efficiency thanks to the reuse of condensing water. In fact, the ChillFlex Pro portable air conditioner uses the condensation water formed to cool the evaporator thus avoiding unnecessary waste of electricity. To reduce the “environmental footprint” of the Swedish manufacturer’s home appliances, we found the use of R290 gas, which is more environmentally friendly than conventional R410a gas.

The Anti-bacterial and anti-dust filtersFinally, they purify the air emitted from the top vent, in order to get rid of various pathogens and impurities and always ensure optimum air quality. control system Filter Check In fact, it takes care of checking that the filters are always cleaned properly, so as to warn the user if errors occur.

Electrolux portable air conditioner with zero interest on Amazon: discount and offer

The 21% off the list price Electrolux ChillFlex Pro drops price to an all-time low in several months. Thus, the price of the device is 329.00 euros compared to 419 euros for the recommended price. Save nearly €100 for one of the best portable air conditioners on the market today.

The portable air conditioner can also be from the Scandinavian company Purchased in installments without interest And without initial investigation costs. Amazon Prime subscribers who have added a credit or debit card to their payment methods can benefit from Amazon installment payments. In this case, theElectrolux ChillFlex Pro costs 65.80 € per month for five months.

Electrolux ChillFlex Pro, 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, With Anti-Bacterial And Dust Filter

Electrolux ChillFlex Pro, 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, With Anti-Bacterial And Dust Filter

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