Meriti, the first goal will never be forgotten and Juventus remain in the wake of Inter

Meriti, the first goal will never be forgotten and Juventus remain in the wake of Inter

Juventus defeats Fiorentina with Meretti’s first goal in the Italian League and remains tied with Inter. Cagliari on Saturday, and after the break, the direct confrontation

The first goal will never be forgotten Viola fans will also remember it for a long time, given that the defeat bears the signature of that Meriti was born and raised on bread and yuvi. A goal in every category – even the Premier League – and he always wears the black and white striped shirt. Winning your brand exposure then adds prestige to success. A goal that had been in the making for some time, that Allegri almost expected on the eve of the match against Fiorentina and that “Miri” celebrated with the emotion of that child who has not yet given up on him, and who, little by little, now has more than fifty appearances, is taking on the appearance of the human being inside him. He had to wait ten matches in this tournament – not all of which were played – and add ten minutes to what would be the first memorable six-hundred seconds of his career.

an exercise – Merite yes or Merito no? Perhaps the choice is obvious given the absence of… Pogba, Bean and with the short blanket in defense, but with the unknown Allegrata factor always around the corner, it’s not entirely certain. After trying out (a few) (logical) alternatives in the build-up to the match, the final choice fell on the Piedmontese midfielder and his good form ensures offensive unpredictability without limiting correct coverage in front of the defence. A constant back and forth culminating in the goal that crowns teamwork. If not the only one, it is one of the few in terms of speed and accuracy. Because Juve this year is: the best version, Solid and safethan it was a year ago.

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Cheerful – Mr Allegri’s final smile is his best calling card to ensure that those who feel dragged into post-match commentary do not sleep peacefully. “It would be wrong to talk about victory without acknowledging it Inter, Milan and Napoli However, they are ahead of Juventus in rebuilding a winning project.” At the moment, the tournament surrounds Milan’s name in red and places Inter and Juventus on almost the same level, separated by only two points, but also by another ten goals scored. For this reason, after a third Almost all the way through the tournament, the Nerazzurri may feel – with good reason – superior to their rivals. Waiting for the direct confrontation in Turin, in two weeks time, to add (or take away) hopes and certainties. One thing is certain: Juventus is not shining But it does not make even those who do not attack it with conviction shine.

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