Mac, the new update will make your life easier: all the news from Apple

Mac, the new update will make your life easier: all the news from Apple

The moment that many Apple users have been waiting for has arrived with the release of the new Ventura version with security patches but what’s new? It’s worth the upgrade.

Periodically, as it should be, Apple’s operating system is also updated, and the version, which is technically 13.6.1, which everyone knows as Ventura, works on many aspects including security. The areas in which Apple has worked are diverse. If you haven’t installed Ventura yet, you’re actually missing out on a lot of new things. In the first place there are all of these Small tweaks that allow you to manage your time better Also starting with organizing apps.

Is it worth upgrading your Mac to Ventura? -The idea of ​​a computer

passes through one Customization From some messages On screen even Integration is more straightforward than other products From Apple in the ecosystem created starting with the computer, whether desktop or mobile. The page dedicated to MacOS Ventura on the official website has been updated for some time with subsequent release versions, but it’s worth going to see what this operating system is like and how it compares to, say, Sonoma.

Why you should switch to MacOS Ventura

Perhaps the biggest news for the new Mac Ventura is what… He is called the stage manager. It’s about to Spontaneous assemblies Which the operating system creates based on the applications that are used most often in general. The idea of ​​grouping apps into groups is something we’ve already seen, and ultimately it’s convenient both on PC and when working on mobile, but what Ventura seems to do is Create groups yourself, So that you have at hand, for example, everything you need for work or everything you need to have fun.

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Come on, the patch is up, but how's the operating system?
Ventura, a new security patch for Apple’s most interesting operating system –

Some examples of more specific combinations are those where a combination of X/Twitter and Amazon Prime is suggested so you can watch and talk about your favorite shows in real time on social media. Another aspect that the Apple team seems to have worked on a lot is Distinguish between the working moment and the private moment of life. The focus system has already been updated, and depending on the filter you choose, the applications behave accordingly, showing only what is necessary at that moment.

If you work, you will only see the interests on your agenda, not your private life. On the other hand, if it’s the weekend and you’re officially off work, everything work-related can be put on standby. Other updates concern Safari which is equipped with a whole series of new services that Allow eg Block ads And translation of web pages. Finally, it’s worth noting that you can use your iPhone as a webcam so you can then use streaming services on your Mac.

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