Benevento mocks Ascoli, in the semi-finals there is Pisa

Benevento mocks Ascoli, in the semi-finals there is Pisa

At Del Duca, the Campania region won 1-0 thanks to Lapadula’s header in the 38th minute: now the double challenge with the Nerazzurri

Pizza Benevento It is the first semi-final match of the second division. Al del Duca, Campania region win 1-0 at homeAscoli And qualifies for the double confrontation with the Nerazzurri. To determine the match against the Bianconeri is the header of Lapadula, who in the 38th minute from a cross from the left of Masciangelo. Balleri’s saves during the match do the rest: Caserta can cheer, and Sutil’s men’s season is over.

Benevento overturns the ground factor and wins the first round of the Serie B qualifiers. In del Duca, the Campania players, seventh in the regular season, won 1-0 at the stadium of Ascoli VI, which ends the season prematurely. Champion: Gianluca Labadola and Alberto Balleri. The first finds the goal that decides the match: in the 38th minute, Macianangelo puts him in the center of the former Milan, who tops the sack and signs 1-0. On the other hand, the Campanian goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet with many balls: the first two at the start on Dionesey and Maestro, then Potiguen and Callegara, on top, to miss the goal. However, in the final, the decisive intervention at 85 minutes was on Dionysi, who then lost his head in the recovery and was sent off for a slap in the face of Kalou. So the challenge is equivalent to Benevento, who is more pessimistic: only two shots towards the opponent’s goal, but one of these gives the semi-finals. On the other hand, the Bianconeri have to complain about the 14 conclusions, 8 in Paleari’s stunning mirror. However, the match ends with a score of 1-0 for the Caserta men, who will host Pisa in the first leg in Figoreto on May 17, with the return scheduled for 21 at the Garibaldi Arena. On the other hand, the season of Ascoli di Sottil ends with great regret but to del Duca’s applause.

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