The Chinese Porsche Taycan for less than 30 thousand euros makes enthusiasts dream: What a sight

The Chinese Porsche Taycan for less than 30 thousand euros makes enthusiasts dream: What a sight

Porsche has created an exceptional model with the Taycan, but a very economical competitor could be born from China.

The future will increasingly be linked to electrical innovations, a fact that everyone now accepts. For this reason, even the world's major brands decided to create a series of zero-impact vehicles that are nevertheless able to maintain the sporty style in the tradition of such a giant company as Porsche.

Porsche Taycan from China (Porsche Press Media –

The Stuttgart company knows very well that more and more people will be looking for high-value electric cars in the near future, just like the Stuttgart company. Taycan. In recent years, Porsche has developed its electric range significantly, to the point that it has also become one of the main players in the Formula E World Championship, with Pascal Verlaine Aiming for the world title.

there Taycan It is a model that presents itself in the classic style that has made Porsche legendary over the years. Dimensions highlight a car with a length of 496 cm, a width of 197 cm and a height of 138 cm. This allows it to be approved not only as a coupe for two people, but also for four or even five people.

Basic model for Taycan It showcases an impressive powertrain, capable of delivering a maximum of 408 horsepower. The maximum speed is excellent at 230 km/h, with a range of up to 592 km on a single charge. The starting price is 105,350 euros, but from China there is a similar version that can be purchased at a much lower cost.

Xiaomi SU7 Touring: this is what it will be like

Among the major innovations in the automotive field in recent years, there is also a clear desire on the part of a series of IT giants to establish themselves in the four-wheel drive sector. This can be seen for example in the case of Xiaomi, with the reality associated with the phone creating an exceptional model such as Su7.

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Xiaomi SU7 Touring (sugardesign1 Instagram –

His orders probably far exceeded expectations, which indicates that the first images of this sedan have captivated customers. Moreover, its starting price was really affordable, so much so that the base model was priced at just $1,000 27,700 euros, While the flagship does not exceed 38.500 euros.

there Xiaomi So7 Therefore, it is one of those cars that could revolutionize the automotive world, but in the meantime there are also those who are thinking about possible innovations regarding this small and very innovative model. Ideas come from this extraordinary presentation of “Sugar Design 1”, One of the main personalities on Instagram who enjoys creating standout displays.

This is how the latter imagined a birth SU7 round, with this model continuing to maintain the characteristics of the standard version. The engine will therefore be able to generate up to 295 horsepower and a battery capable of keeping it on the road for 700 kilometers. Who knows if a Touring will ever be born, which for now is just a nice proposition.

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