President Aragones: “Francisc Macia resumes…

President Aragones: “Francisc Macia resumes…

This Christmas morning, the President of the State, Pere Aragones, participated in the traditional flower offering at the grave of the former President of the State, Francesc Macia. The event, held at Barcelona's Montjuïc Cemetery, was a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the death of the character Masia. In his speech, the President highlighted the character of the Republican President.

President Aragones leads a floral display in front of the grave of Francesc Macia. (Photo: Jordi Biedmar)
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The head of the executive authority confirmed that his government feels this way “follower” From the legacy of Masia, “Continue working for the freedom of Catalonia, for social justice, for an economically prosperous, socially just, politically free Catalonia.” The President has indicated. Aragones, also referred to Francesc Macia's character as “If today we have a Catalan government it is because President Macia, on April 14, 1931, proclaimed the Catalan Republic.”“In addition to that”The Republic is the only republican institution whose legitimacy has never been violated.”

Along these lines, Aragonés declared that on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of Masia's death and with the aim of preserving the memory of Masia and “For an entire Republican generation that gave everything for the freedom of Catalonia.”The process of restoring Casa Vallmanya in Alcarràs has begun, in agreement with the Provincial Council, the City Council and the General Government, to be able to acquire the house in which Francesc Macia spent many years. “La Casa Vallmanya will be a space of memory integrated into the network of democratic memory spaces which, according to President Aragonés, will serve to honor Masia.”Throughout the year and also to commemorate this republican memory of a whole generation of republicans who fought for the freedom of Catalonia.”

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The President, who was accompanied during the parade by a number of members of the government and at the end of the parliaments, was received by the descendants of Francesc Macia.

Reaction to the speech

The head of the executive branch wanted to respond to King Felipe VI’s Christmas speech, explaining that this speech “ It was praised by the right and far-rightAragones claims it was a letter “Spanish Nationalism” With what “Catalonians do not feel represented” Like no 'She feels represented by royalty' He stressed that the King's speech reminded him of the words spoken by Philip VI on October 3, 2017.

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