Men and women, Vasco desires Alessandro Rossa

rock star Russian Vasco He wanted to send special and unexpected wishes to a creative character on the show men and women.

dating show channel 5, As is known, it hosts heroes of all ages. with the Fusion classic throne and the throne On Moreover, even young people had the opportunity to communicate with old people. Among the heroes and veterans of the program Maria de Filippidefinitely stand out Alessandro Rossa, Ex-Bolian Tailor. Share it in men and women For him, it means proving that he can find love at all ages. Today, rosa He is 91 years old and Russian Vasco He wanted to honor him through a post on his profile Instagram Which was definitely much appreciated by the person concerned.

The dating show author and right-hand man from de FilippiAnd Rafaela Minoya, tagged the great artist to highlight the greetings of “Super Rock” Alessandro:

amazing Alessandro 91 #courage #life #rock go to profile @vascorossi Only he can send these rock wishes.

Russian Vasco In fact, he shared a shot depicting a knight trono over, He refers to him as the cutest “gang”:

hug for Alessandro. 91 ‼️…the “oldest” and cutest in the gang.

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