Diego Bianchi has Covid, ‘live propaganda’ made from the sofa at home

Diego Bianchi has Covid, ‘live propaganda’ made from the sofa at home

No shirt but a dark suit and a dark tie. Friday, April 22, 2022 episode live advertising. With Diego Bianchi Unusually elegant sitting on the sofa at home, under the eyes of the “hardbacks” of Lucio Dalla And Grace Jones Like cuirassiers behind. And in the middle of the stage Tony Hadleyformer singer Spandau Ballet.

Alternative delivery, already seen on many other radio shows in these pandemic years, which means that visit covid contracted For those who had any doubts, the hashtag: #propagandapositiva immediately appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

Good evening, and welcome to episode 28 of live advertising – I do not know how to go on, everything is sad and at the same time funny in its own way, I would like to tell you that soon I will come there, everything he invented is a gag but no, I am more or less in Day 9 and 10 are positive, I don’t even remember it anymore. I’ve done it for two years, and this whole tour has taken me – Diego Bianchi admitted – but we are nothing here, another great page in the history of television, we begin experimenting here.”

And encouraging posts immediately appeared on social media: “We share the tenth day of positivity (after two years of resistance) … Thank you for always being with the company,” Viverevo wrote.

But there were also those who gently mocked Zoro’s new appearance. “So you’re telling me Diego spends his days working in a T-shirt and as soon as he gets home he wears a tuxedo?” -Does Rob Galloris’s job.

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However, the “institutional” view of the inevitable expensive shirt soon receded, however. “Like any of us at any of the weddings he didn’t want to go to, even Zoro only lasted an hour in a suit and tie!” Daniel Sann noted.

So space for the press report Francesca Manucci, located in the studio, about witnesses and survivors of war crimes. Through the sayings of people who lived for weeks under Russian occupation in Irbin, Bucha, Borodinka, Chernihiv, images of liberated villages and cities were broadcast through the testimonies of those who managed to survive and lost their husbands and children among torture and boys. abuse.

Regarding the United States of America, Diego Bianchi gave an interview to one of the most representative contemporary American writers, Don Winslow who had harsh words against Steve Bannon, who has been identified as a “criminal by Trump”. And about the former US president, he added: “I agree that he will run again, but I do not think that he will win with their hands. He can win, but there are people like me who will do everything against him.”

And finally, the usual date next week, hoping to return to “normal” management.

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