Gemma’s men and women infected with the hidden virus: her condition

Gemma Galgani, the absolute champion of the throne of men and women, has tested positive for Covid-19. Here’s how it’s done and what happened during registration.

Gemma Galgani-Politician 24

Thanks to the previews men and women In the recording that took place on the afternoon of Saturday 13 November, it was discovered that unfortunately Gemma Tested positive for Covid 19. In fact, the Turin lady was absent in the studio and, according to reports, was going to take part in the dating show of Maria de Filippi in connection with From Home.

Men and women, how is Gemma?

Always according to what has been said by developments, Gemma will now be in home isolation. Some rumors, Vanbage also reported, that the health of the 71-year-old is stable and good.

In fact, he appears to have contracted the coronavirus mildly and had no serious symptoms. Precisely for this reason, in fact, he would actively participate in the episode, in connection with his residence.

Resounding rejection and welcome return

However, in addition to Gemma Galgani, two important episodes appear to have occurred during the recording. After deciding to close permanently with Diego, Ida Platano returned to the studio. Between the two of them, the atmosphere was still tense, in fact the knight tried to reconcile with her but the lady did not want to find out.

However, the progress also marks a very welcome return, a return Teresana. The former tronista returned to Men and Women and the entire studio audience, commentators included, were pleasantly surprised.

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Today, the Neapolitan beauty, who has made himself so beloved by both male and female viewers, is married Giovanni Gentile They are the parents of a wonderful child named Francesco. However, his presence will not be so accidental that we should soon see a fashion show, a kind of revival of those years. In short, it will definitely be episodes full of twists, so we just have to wait for the broadcast.

Teresana men and women politician 24

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