Air conditioner, water run up: Goodbye to electricity consumption

Air conditioner, water run up: Goodbye to electricity consumption
Water conditioner – technological passion

It is undeniable to say that we find ourselves in a very complex situation not only for Italy, but also for the entire European continent in general, both from a purely economic point of view and from an energy point of view.

We must trace this long-standing situation without any doubt to the first outbreak of conflicts that took place in Ukraine more than a year ago now, the consequences of which later spread like wildfire over the entire European continent. .

Consider, for example, the increase in seemingly simpler and more common products, such as peanut oil and flour, which inevitably led to real inflation throughout the food sector. Then, at a later stage, we witnessed the rising cost of energy, natural gas and electricity. It was precisely these increases that thus forced the major energy supply companies (such as Enel Energia, as far as the Italian territory was concerned) to proportionately increase the cost of bills at the same rate, causing a great deal of discontent among the European population. Generally.

Many interventions and measures have been taken in this regard by the main European countries, it is clear that the ultimate goal is to meet the most needy groups of the population, to alleviate their conditions. In the case of the Italian government we remember in particular the publication of the decrees of Aiuti-Bis and Aiuti-Ter respectively (with the soon arrival of Aiuti-Quater), which brought, among other things, an energy bonus of 150 euros, deductible directly from the cost of energy bills monthly, as well as all expected discounts aimed at purchasing new generation devices.

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In fact, the latter, compared to traditional household appliances, are characterized by a particularly significant reduction in consumption, and therefore lead to significant savings in the long run in terms of energy bills.

The solution to everything

Unfortunately, all these precious governmental and regional measures were not enough for many Italian families, who found themselves in great difficulty in paying their monthly bills, still risking the poverty line.

So we decided to give you some useful tips to consume as little electricity as possible, and achieve significant savings in the long run. In particular, we will focus on the air conditioner, which is one of the essential appliances during this summer period, especially between July and August, when the temperatures can be really high.

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Water conditioner – technological passion

The solution is represented by a water conditioner, which uses a specific gas that acts as a heat transfer fluid, which collects and dissipates the heat rising within the home environment. Thanks to this particular system, the air can be cooled quickly and easily, without necessarily having an external unit, unlike conventional air conditioners, as well as being able to be installed without problems on any type of wall.

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