Men and Women: Shea’s opinion on episode 4/5/23

Men and Women: Shea’s opinion on episode 4/5/23

Assuming that the bet is full of men and women dedicated to The classic throne, without even a random two minutes allotted to some seasoned weed-allergic artichoke, berating a random lady for taking her for a walk in the garden of Villa Borghese, it’s torture we didn’t deserve, frankly, but… today it happened. Today, for the first time since his throne began, hug L Nicole Santinelli I would like to give it. Because all her irrepressible annoyance in front of these two large children of suitors, I understand well.

Come on but how do you do it? but they are worse than the other, cursed! Apart from the excess narcissism Andrew Foreglio and the Deceptively cute insignificance Carlo Alberto Mancini I don’t even know how a tronista does to unleash so much passion in copulating with each other every single time, because me two are like this that would pull the eros under my feet with all the hormones below. That is, they can be as handsome as you like (and as far as I’m concerned, already from a purely aesthetic point of view, I preferred practically all those that Santinelli get rid of Christian DiCarlo to Francesco Bruni), but with this attitude there is even Alessandro Borgo The ovaries will rupture, not to mention them.

But then, beyond aesthetic rhetoric, but let’s talk about everything else, eh.

Carlo It’s perfect, yes, but only on paper. Many important words, many awkward gestures for the camera, and many beautiful gestures.catchy phrases(cit.), but then at the end of the show he wakes up from his slumber just when Queen Mary He feeds it, otherwise he stays there on the perch to allow the tuft some air. Never a gut reaction, never a TRUE A burst of pride, never a spontaneous one. It all measured out to be terribly boring. He realized that he was a crowd favorite (and – between Nicole android and Foriglio Counterfeit – I like to win easily,nZomma!) and more homework taken from the matchmaker’s guide to never do.

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tronista complains that he didn’t ask about it after the episode and asks about it. The presenter urges him to ask more questions Nicole after a lemon with a competitor, which isThen I will turn the question over to you Marie“. Gianni Sperti He points out how they don’t lift a finger in front of tears SantinelliHe gets up and hugs her. But really one like this passes charming prince? No, because in that case I can explain why the bad boy cliché was born, perhaps.

Eyes swollen after the outdoors in the dressing room between Nicole And Forigliokisses on the forehead”I have never given such a close to any girl!“, the “love words“Already from the first release, only after that by force to determine it.”I don’t like it, it’s my way of flirting with womenThe story of hugs with Roberta de Padua while heHe was walking very slowly into the dressing room because I saw a scene that bothered me a lot and I was in a very difficult moment“and affirmation in that”I’m real, I’ll prove it to you!(When the best thing to do is to send her compliments through the editorial staff.) GnavaccioI swear!

The perfect osteopath has only the posture, in the rest … for heaven’s sake. Go from saying it all to saying it all faster than John Pounce on the cellphone of the unfortunate person on duty. before you feel so chosen.”The complicity that exists between you and me and never will exist with anyoneThen, two minutes later.No, maybe I explained myself poorly but I don’t think I’m advanced Carlo!“Then outside.”I just said that not to sound presumptuousAnd his arguments end there, huh, no extra content. But damn them Roberta de Padua When she decides to notice him among everyone during the first episode, his already massive ego pumps even more.

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But how do I go from sbrocchi to Romanaccio Campoli and percul*te nursery from black Crow for these two trunks of wood, Marielike?

I mean, you know that Nicole I don’t particularly like it, on the contrary. But even more than that, if today you feel like taking his side, it means that these two really aren’t that strong, eh. I don’t think she’s pulling her hair out for any of them, let’s be clear, and I cuddled up with her Ruby dp As an excuse in view of the impending selection I thought so too, and sincerely. But I wouldn’t bet these two would be interested in him.

As for the throne Luca DavryI am really sorry Alexandra. It can be seen that she is terribly in love with him from that embarrassing list of things she likes.”Like little girls who are a little panicky!“And above all—of the purple she took while they kissed. But that—when it is the tronista’s turn to say what he loves about her—you do not list the qualities of a suitor but.”The part of me she can get out of!Seems eloquent enough to me, here.

that if it was not the case even after dealing with the tronista, then one must answer”Alexandra” when Marie He asks who is he more attracted to, I don’t see all these places for a great love story, that’s it.

Video of the episode: full betNicole: Carlo hugged Roberta!Nicole: “Carlo, why didn’t you come to me yesterday?” – Outdoors by Nicole and Andrea – Maria: “Carlo, don’t you have anything to ask Nicole?”Andrea: “Nicole, did you kiss me and were you thinking about Carlo?”Carlo: “Nicole if I had no doubts about Andrea…” – Outside Luca and Camilla – Luca: “Camila I didn’t kiss you because…” – Outside Luca and Alessandra – Luca and Alessandra after the outdoor session – Outside Luca and Alice – Gianni: “Luca’s exterior designs are completely different from Nicole’s…”Alice: “Luca, I felt protected, but…”Nicole and Carlo hug

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