All the winners of the 42nd Flower Games – Ràdio Calella Televisió

All the winners of the 42nd Flower Games – Ràdio Calella Televisió

“Donada em fos la Virtut” by Joan Armengol (Solsona), “Terra antiga, terra mestra” by Fe Ferré (Barcelona) and “Memòria d'un camí” by Pere Gorgol are the winning works of the three main works. Flower Games Awards of the Year. All the winners were interviewed this morning, at a ceremony honoring author Angel Gumera on the occasion of the centenary of his death. Over 200 pieces of music were received in the 42nd edition. The event was followed by Ràdio Calella TV.

Once again, Piya's school church hosted the ceremony Kalila pink toysThe winners of this edition were announced. With 224 pieces of music received, the category with the most participation was Category Francesc Castells Prize For the best free theme poem. Among the ten winners is thirteen-year-old Kalink Mikel Cole and GatellWho won the La Llopa Youth Award for his poem “Saviesa de Paper”. It also highlights that for the first time an award was given to Maria Wallace who participated from Ireland. Wallace received the Maria Cardona Prize, which was a requirement to submit a work inspired by the infinite sky. The Irish film “Morning of Optimism” won the award.

The jury was composed of Calians Joseph TorresShe is a theater director and actress Susanna Noji. Linguist Arenès de Monts completes the jury, Rose Somes. They were responsible for reading and evaluating the works in order to make a final judgement. The winners of the 42nd Flower Games are:

🏆 Prize Flor Natural To the best piece that sings love: Joan Armengol and Puig (Solsona) for the movie “Donada em fos la Virtuta”

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🏆 Prize English To the best poem praising the customs and traditions of the land: In Ferri and Ferrati (Barcelona) for the movie “Terra antina, terra mestra”

🏆 Prize Viola To the best training that raises spiritual and moral values: Per Gorgul to Noel (Amer) for “Memory of a Road”

🏆 Prize Maria Cardona To the most beautiful poem inspired by the infinity of the sky: Maria Wallace (Ireland) for the film “Morning of Optimism”

🏆 Prize Device concept To the most beautiful poem praising the waves of the sea: Roser Diaz Martin (Barcelona) for the movie “Water Horse”

🏆 Prize Francis Castells To the best free topic poem: Maria Porta and Porta (Santa Perpetua de Mogoda) for the film “Paper Wisdom”

🏆Youth Award the wolf For the best poetry composition on a free theme: Mikel Cole and Gatell (Kalila) for the movie “The Leaf of Wisdom”

🏆 Prize Francis Grau For the best free verse prose topic: Carles Perez Saez Sabadell for the movie “Wait for Her to Dance”

🏆 Prize Sisters Saola Palomer For the best youth poetry prose with a free theme: Fiona Sarola Lozano (Girona) for “I May Have Written It for You”

During the ceremony, he was honored Angel GumeraOne of the most famous Catalan playwrights, on the occasion of the centenary of his death. Among Gumera's most famous works are “Mar i cel” and “Terra baixa”. The parts were performed during the Pink Games ceremony. We also wanted to pay tribute to photographer Montse Cosile i Vidal, who has closed his doors due to retirement. You can relive the interview on Cusell's LA CIUTAT program due to its withdrawal here.

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