Hands and brains in Science City

Hands and brains in Science City

Craftsmanship in Campania: a legacy of history, culture and innovation, one of the most authentic and original expressions of creativity and identity of the region with the creation of unique and high-quality works, telling the story, culture and beauty of the region’s natural and artistic .

Città della Scienza promotes with the Museums and Libraries of the University of UOD in the Campania Region, on July 19 from 9 to 16, a conference entitled “hands and brains” It aims to clarify current scenarios for museums related to Campanian craftsmanship and to promote mutual understanding between the various operational realities in the region. Institutional greetings and provided by Richard VillariPresident of the Idis Foundation – Science City H Said CasucciTourism advisor in the Campania region.

Marquetry, coral, goldsmith’s art, ceramics, porcelain, silk, leather and leather (fashion in general), cradles, wrought iron and wood are just some of the typical Campanian craftsmanship handed down in workshops and art schools.

Today, Campanian craftsmanship is not just a tradition, but thanks to training and research it has also become an innovation. Indeed, the craftsmen of Campania know how to combine ancient wisdom, new technologies and the needs of the global market, creating original and competitive products that enhance Made in italy’ In the world.

To promote and disseminate knowledge of the Campanian handicrafts, several museums dedicated to this sector have been created, which give the public the opportunity to admire the work of the craftsmen and discover the secrets of their techniques.

Thus, the craftsmanship of Campania is a heritage that must be appreciated and protected, for its beauty but also as an important economic and social resource, generating employment, development and innovation.

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<As part of the regional strategic project funded by the Campania region “Manifattur @ Campania: Industry 4.0”which is managed by the Idis-Città della Scienza Foundation Artisans Museum 4.0– announced Richard VillariPresident of the Città della Scienza – Which specifically aims to promote and disseminate the transformation 4.0 of the Campania economy, strengthening the craft sector and its potential for innovation. The museum will open in autumn 2023 and will target a large audience, consisting of traditional visitors to Città della Scienza, but also insiders, scholars and experts to present the enabling technologies for Industry 4.0, the main sectors of the Campania crafts and their convergence>>.

For information and program: http://www.cittadellascienza.it/notizie/convegno-le-mani-e-la-mente-i-musei-dellartigianato-in-campania-tra-tradizione-e-innovazione-19-juglio-2023/

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