Meghan Markle and Harry fail, no deal with Carlo

Meghan Markle and Harry fail, no deal with Carlo

Meghan Markle and Harry They are already on their way home, to California and to their kids Archie and Lilipt who haven’t seen Mom and Dad in over 10 days. The Sussexes again They get nothing They return to their ultra-luxurious villa, without agreements with the crown, without benefits and without inheritance. Except for the privilege granted to their sons to have the titles of Prince and Princess.

Meghan Markle and Harry are back home

All of them finished Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral Resting peacefully next to her husband Philip, Harry and Meghan Markle, all that’s left is to pack your bags and head home. This urgency is certainly also dictated by the need to see their children who have been left in the care of nannies and grandma Doria Ragland for more than 10 days. But the situation did not allow otherwise.

What is certain is that the Sussexes have not obtained any formal agreement with King Charles and Prince William to regulate their status as court exiles and are no longer prominent members of the royal family.

Meghan Markle and Harry, no deal with Carlo

Although the rumor has been leaked based on it Meg was writing a letter to her father-in-law For a private interview, there appears to have been no follow-up to this letter. Another reason for Harry and his wife to “remove the blinds” ASAP.

on the other side, Harry looked very tense and stressed From the situation in which he found himself living. On the other hand, the pain of losing his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who for him was always a milestone in his life, the one who always protected him and tried to understand, even after toxic statements about the family, she always sought dialogue with her nephew and was ready to welcome him once other in the palace. But there was no time. On the other hand, it wasn’t easy for a prince to come face to face with his father and brother. Tensions and misunderstandings between them have not been resolved and remain so, even if much progress has been made in recent days.

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William in particular has shown that he is very sweet to Harry and Meghan. He wanted them with him and Kate Middleton in Windsor the day after the Queen’s death, invited them to his house for a private after-party dinner in Westminster Hall, and even stepped aside to let them pass, despite strict measures, during the funeral.

Meghan Markle and Harry, a fragile truce

William and Harry find themselves side by side a lot these days, The same was true for Megan and Kate. So a rapprochement occurred, but the end of the tensions was still far, because the circumstances were exceptional. When both spouses return to their normal lives, old grudges are likely to resurface.

According to Jill King, a reporter and friend of Markle’s, he said so Many efforts have been made On both sides, but no conclusion. He added, “Big families always go through drama, always have riots. It remains to be seen: will they be brought closer together or will they be pushed away? I have no idea, I have no information on that, but I will say this: It was good to see Harry standing With his family “. It will be necessary to see if the truce will counteract the memoirs the Duke intends to publish in the coming months and the series he and Meg will do for Netflix as they promise fiery new discoveries.

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