Medusa is Bianca Guaccero. The unexpected reaction from Katrina Palivo

Medusa is Bianca Guaccero.  The unexpected reaction from Katrina Palivo

Bianca Guasiero popped out of a mask Jellyfish. Everyone was thinking about it and reacting Katrina Palivo At least it was private.

Let’s find out what happened during the last episode of his Rai1 show Millie Carlucci.

The Masked Singer: Where Are We?

Simo has reached the penultimate date of the programme, masked singerled Millie Carlucci And now in its third edition.

As usual, we’ll find a jury made up of Flavio Encina, Caterina Palivo, Francesco Faciente and Arissaready to determine who is hiding under the mask.

In such a difficult moment as the one we are forced to attend, a light and sparkling program like this is the right compromise for a quiet evening with the family.

In tonight’s episode there will be several duets and the suspects will likely play Drago, Volpe and Soleluna.

Among these we remember, Max Giusti, Cristiano Malgoglio and Max LopezWill they be able to deceive the judges through their argument?

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Tonight’s episode will open with a playoff between Snail and Dragon while the rest of us wait: Fox, Chameleon, Penguin, Medusa and Soleluna to take on new challenges.

Tonight Francesco Facinti It will have the important task of detecting a file gold mask. However, he would not be able to take advantage of this opportunity, unless he found out who was hiding under the mask.

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The Masked Singer: Medusa is Bianca Guaccero

Like the four detectives masked singer They were supposed to hide under a mask Jellyfish wax Bianca Guasiero.

The actress and presenter has achieved critical acclaim, thanks to some performances that have been highly regarded by studio audiences and viewers. Her great voice has allowed her to become one of Rai1’s greatest heroes.

Contrary to what we read on the web, especially referring to articles from a few years ago according to what is in between Katrina Palivo and the Guasiru There is no good relationship, when the presenter was revealed, the contestant did not skimp on smiles and applause.

A simple gesture at the same time silenced all rumors that I wanted a stormy relationship between the two, especially because it was Bianca Guasiero To replace Katrina Palivo In the program that made him so popular, i.e. no sooner said than done.

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