Electric cars, stay tuned for the surprise among the best-selling cars in the second quarter: the top ten

Electric cars, stay tuned for the surprise among the best-selling cars in the second quarter: the top ten

The electric vehicle market is in the lead and attracting attention: here are the top ten for the second quarter of the year, and there is no shortage of surprises

Interest in the world of electric vehicles is always high, while the market for the segment continues to grow: top ten in Q2 in terms of bestsellers, with a surprise podium finish.

Electric cars, stay tuned for the best-selling cars: the surprise appears – today’s info

electric vehicle market You see ongoing challenges among established builders, while newcomers also try to have their say. In this particular case, for the second quarter of this year, they were sold out globally About 2.15 million cars.

This figure represents a forty percent annual growth, which is symbolic of how quickly it is spreading in the world.

Many enthusiasts are often interested in sales, or rather, which are the best car manufacturers in different periods.

It is interesting here to explore what it is Ranking of the top 10 best-selling electric vehicle companies in the second quarter.

In tenth place there audi, Can be read in-depth relative analysis of Hardware upgrade – automaticby 1.9 percent, and in ninth place Kia by 2.0%.

Mercedes In eighth place, with a rate of 2.8%, it precedes it BMW In seventh place with 3.6%, which is the same result in percentage Hyundai. And in fifth place is the coalition, with a rate of 4.4%. SAIC-GM-Wuling, It is very popular in China thanks to its popular small electric cars.

Electric cars, here are the best sellers in the second quarter of 2023: a surprise on the podium

carry on with Top 10 best selling electric cars in the second quarterin fourth place is placed Volkswagen Such as 4.7%, which continues to rise, although to reach those figures it needs to combine the first six months of the year, with relative deliveries of 322,000 electric vehicles.

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Ranking of cars sold in the second quarter of 2023: Watch out for the top ten

Moving on to the top of the ranking, it is Tesla to take first placesetting a new quarterly record by delivering more than 466,000 electric vehicles to users. A figure that also indicates a growth of ten percent compared to the first three months of the year.

Followed in second place by the Chinese byd, It recently arrived in Italy, and is very popular in China thanks to its plug-in hybrid cars. From a general point of view, 703,500 cars were delivered “on order”. Of these, only 352,000 are fully electric.

The data points to staggering growth, up 95 percent year-on-year.

If Tesla gets 21.7% of the pie, while BYD gets 16.2%, then there is also something that might come as a surprise. The third place was taken by GAC Aion.

The division of GAC that only deals with electric vehicles and that gets a big return in terms of success thanks to relevant technical specifications and reasonable prices.

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