Additional non-repayable contributions for catering, payment with self-advertisement

Additional non-repayable contributions for catering, payment with self-advertisement

Additional non-reimbursable contributions for food services, in order to receive payment it is not necessary to submit an application but a self-declaration regarding the lower state aid. We start today, November 7, and you have plenty of time until the November 21 deadline. The instructions are contained in provision No. 406608/2022.

to get paid Additional non-repayable contributions to restaurants, bars and restaurants A new application must not be submitted by the revenue agency, but Self-certification of state aid minimum Receive.

Starts today, November 7, and can go ahead Deadline 21 November 2022.

The instructions attached to Item No. 406608 dated November 2, 2022 relate to those who have already benefited from the assistance provided Wedding, catering and entertainment sector expected from DL Duplicate Support.

You can transfer files Advertising Through the active procedure on the portal Invoices and fees.

Additional non-repayable contributions for catering and self-advertising are required for payment

L ‘Article 1, paragraphs 17 bis to 17 bis v, of Legislative Decree No. 152 for the year 2021 Made for those who perform Catering and catering services for events and bar activities a Additional non-repayable contribution Compared to the help already laid out with Duplicate support decree.

To support business recovery and continuity Those working in the aforementioned sectors have been allocated 10 million euros Distributed as an additional amount to companies that provide the following Requirements:

  • She was found to qualify for the assistance provided to i WE.RE.CA . WEDDING, ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS for which it was possible to apply until the deadline of 23 June 2022;
  • They mainly carry out an activity characterized by the following: ATECO . Codes:
    • 56.10 – Restaurants mobile catering activities;
    • 56.21 – Provide ready-made mealsCatering for events);
    • 56.30 – ribbon And other similar work without cooking.
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already with The executive decree was published on April 29 in the Official Gazette on July 5, 2022the Ministry of Economic Development expected a simplified way to access resources, Without the need to submit another application.

with the Provide No. 406608 on November 2, 2022Revenue Agency provides for the transfer of aSelf-certification of compliance with the limits set for state aid minimum to get paid.

This is a novelty with respect to what was already mentioned in the original request which was referenced instead COVID Interim Framework for State Assistance.

The document sets out the instructions to be followed and the times to be respected: it starts from November 7 and has time until Deadline 21 November 2022.

Additional non-repayable contributions for food, data to be communicated with self-advertisement

To advance the fulfillment that opens Disbursement of additional unpaid contributions for catering services You must use web action Active on the portal Invoices and fees Revenue Agency. It can also be sent by a medium.

In the Self-declaration form on state aid minimum It is necessary to indicate the following data:

  • tax law For the subject, a natural person or a non-natural person, who intends to benefit from the contribution: the heir who continues the activity of the deceased person must indicate the tax code of the latter, in the case of the authorized transfers of companies that led to the extinction of the assignor, the value-added tax number must be indicated for the finished subject;
  • tax law Legal Representative The person who intends to benefit from the scholarship;
  • tax lawAnyone responsible for the electronic transmission of the advertisement;
  • Possession of the two Main requirements: having benefited from the non-reimbursable contributions from the Sostegni bis decree and essentially carrying out one of the activities targeted by the additional amounts (ATECO codes: 56.10, 56.21, 56.30).
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It is also necessary to do the following formulations:

  • The company also operates in Economic sectors excluded from the scope of regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013, however, has an adequate system of segregation of activities or segregation of costs;
  • The company also operates in the economic sector Land transportation of goods for others Yet it has a proper system of segregation of activities or segregation of costs;
  • The total amount of aid granted to the individual undertaking under the scheme minimum with registration in Record of national state aid in the three-year period 2022-2024;
  • The total amount of assistance attributable to the transportation of goods on the roads to third parties;
  • Tax codes for subjects in supervisory relations with other companies, relevant for the purposes of Definition of one companyAnd the “To be filled in if there are any changes to what was announced in the application for recognition of the contribution referred to in Article 1 ter, paragraph 1 of Decree-Law No. 73 of May 25, 2021”determines the ruling.
Revenue Agency – Announcement to recognize the undeserved contribution to the wedding increase For bars and restaurants
Self-declaration form to be used

Payment of additional unpaid contributions for catering services: Amounts

Once inSelf-advertisement to receive payment of additional non-repayable subscriptionslaunches the system first receipt Assuming responsibility for processing or refusing after formal data verifications.

Later ,Result of the request A second receipt is processed:Recognized contribution amount and thePayment authorization has been made It is provided in the reserved area of ​​the Billing and Fees Gateway in the section “Non-reimbursable Grant – Consultation on Results”.

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The amounts will be disbursed to companies operating in the catering sector, taking into account the following ratios:

  • The 70 percent It is divided among all restaurants, restaurants and bars that are entitled to it;
  • The 20 percent It is distributed as an additional additional share among those whose revenues exceeded €100,000 in 2019;
  • the rest 10 percentLikewise, it increases non-reimbursable grants to individuals whose revenues exceed €300,000.

The scholarship due is paid by the Revenue Agency in Bank account on which Assistance provided under the decree of Sostegni bis.

All details onpersonal identification And the exchange methods given in Full text of judgment dated November 2, 2022.

Revenue Agency – Provide No. 406608 on November 2, 2022
Definition of information content, methods and deadlines for submitting a form for the declaration of assistance received under the “minimum” system for the purpose of recognizing the non-reimbursable grant referred to in Article 1, paragraph 17 bis of Decree-Law No. 6 November 2021, n. 152, converted, with some modifications, by the law of December 29, 2021, n. 233

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