Maya Hawke’s legacy talent

Maya Hawke’s legacy talent

“I realize that every opportunity to play a role that is offered to me is tied to who I am and where I come from, and that gives me a huge advantage. I will try as hard as I can to do great work in these areas. Roles, and if I turn out to be useless, they will certainly stop giving me opportunities.” Maya Hawke made these statements in 2020. Since then she has not tired of repeating more or less the same thing, thus proving again and again that she knows very well what is the only reasonable way to exercise a daughter or, such a situation is now widely known as Nepo Baby.

While most new celebrity Hollywood royalty tend to hide their relative affiliations and even get angry once they’re mentioned, the first-born to actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke prefer to show their signs of acceptance with humility and talent. Enough to make it irrelevant.

Just a few days ago, without going any further, the young woman admitted that she is fully aware that the only reason she got a place in the cast of the film Érase una vez en… Hollywood (2019) is because of the extended professional relationships that he has had as a mother. With director Quentin Tarantino. He did so while promoting the release of the Pixar film Upside Down 2, in which he gave voice to concern. His work in this film received widespread acclaim.

She divorced in 2005

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The truth is that Hawke was unable to hide these blood ties, given the clarity with which his parents – who divorced in 2005, when he was 5 years old – left their mark on his physical appearance and personality. From his mother he inherited the round nose, chiseled cheekbones, and pursed lips, and from his father the enthusiastic, garrulous chatter he displays when giving interviews. Both were beneficial to his career, in addition, Asteroid City, by Wes Anderson, (2023); Maestro Biography (2023), and participation in the third and fourth seasons of Stranger Things.

It’s always impressive when an artist joins a long-running series midway through the middle and manages to make viewers wonder how they managed to go on for so long without them, and that’s exactly what Hawke has managed to do in the Netflix production as she plays a lesbian teen who also spent her time selling ice cream or annihilating powers. Evil superhero.

Meanwhile, she felt so comfortable being her daughter that she didn’t hesitate to share credits with both Thurman and Hawke. He worked alongside her in the action comedy The Art of Killing (2023), and not only shared scenes with him in an episode of the miniseries The Woodpecker (2020), but also directed her in Wildcat (2003). The two will team up again in front of the camera in Revolver, Andrew Stanton’s upcoming film, cementing a creative relationship that began forming long before, when they used their time together to watch movies, compose poetry, talk about art, and play music until the wee hours of the morning.

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Perhaps in these sessions he discovered that he also wanted to pursue a career in music. Or perhaps it was much earlier, when as a young child she began composing songs after discovering that they helped her battle dyslexia. The fact is that today Hawke is also a well-known folk rock singer with three published albums: Blush (2020) and Moss (2022), which are based on references such as Fiona Apple, Leonard Cohen, Bright Eyes and the most recent album Chaos angel. – produced by his partner Christian Lee Hutson – which intensifies the presence of electronics and guitar.

Following the path that music opened for him will help him create an artistic identity independent of his parents. “I’m sorry that the first thing people say when they talk about me is their name,” he says. “But I am relieved that I have not yet earned the right for this not to happen.” It has become less.

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