Arno explains the importance of nutrition during breast cancer

Arno explains the importance of nutrition during breast cancer

Thirty patients and twenty companions participated in the “Nutrition and Breast Cancer” workshop, organized by Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida University Hospital and Novartis, in which different experts shared their knowledge and advice on how to maintain a healthy diet and help alleviate some unwanted diseases. Effects during oncology treatment.

Speakers stressed that many studies show how nutrition plays a crucial role in the quality of life of cancer patients and their treatment, but it is often unknown how to implement good habits adapted to our needs during a process like this. “A balanced diet not only contributes to improving patients’ physical recovery, but also has implications for emotional health. It is essential for patients to understand how a nutrient-rich diet can strengthen the immune system,” said Noémie Tousset, a medical oncologist at Hospital, while Carla Knott, a nutritionist and nutritionist specializing in clinical nutrition, said that “it is necessary to modify each patient’s diet in a personal way, taking into account his habits and beliefs, and make gradual changes to them that are sustainable in the long term.” During the workshop, the importance of following healthy dietary patterns was emphasized, for example the well-known Mediterranean diet which, according to the EpiGEICAM study, can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 30%4. In addition, patients received advice for dealing with treatment-related side effects, such as nausea, mouth irritation or changes in taste.

They explained that breast cancer is one of the most common diseases, especially among women, and affects all areas of life for those who suffer from it. Over the course of 2024, more than 36,000 new cases of breast cancer have already been diagnosed in Spain and 4,984 in Catalonia.

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