May, Women’s Health Month: We take care of ourselves, appreciate ourselves, and celebrate ourselves

May, Women’s Health Month: We take care of ourselves, appreciate ourselves, and celebrate ourselves

Eight activities will be implemented this month to highlight women’s health needs. Proposals will begin on May 13 with the reading of the Global Statement on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Once again, around the World Day of Action for Women’s Health which takes place on May 28 every year, the Department of Public Health has put together a series of proposals in the programme. May, Women’s Health Month. These procedures aim to publicize women’s demands and the administrations’ commitment to searching for possible solutions to their problems, concerns, or diseases.

Under the slogan We take care of each other, appreciate each other, and celebrate each otherThis year eight activities are scheduled to take place from May 13-31. The first will be the same May 13This will take place at 11:30 am in the municipal gardens. Members of the Fibromyalgia Interest Group (GIAF) will read the Global Statement on Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue. On the same night, some buildings in the municipality will be illuminated in dark blue.

the next day, may 14, A new blood and plasma donation drive will be held at the Margarida Zirgo Theater from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 9pm. On this occasion, a day titled With the woman’s nameIt will be in cooperation with the local organization Més que mares.

The course of the program Hello, step by step Subordinate May 23 The destination will be the municipal sports area Les Vernedes. There, EAP Montornès – Montmelo, emotional well-being expert, Montse Jordana, will invigorate exercises to maintain a healthy and full mind. The meeting will be at 9:30 at the municipality headquarters.

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Lipedema does not stop us,New at +30 Cosmos

the program May, Women’s Health Month One of the new activities for Participatory Budgets includes +30 Cosmos. It’s about initiative Lipedema does not stop usA project to raise awareness of this disease, which causes enlargement of the lower extremities due to fat deposits in the skin.

Friday May 24At 6pm, Can Saurina will host a panel discussion on lipoedema and a photo exhibition will be opened with the support of AF Montornès. in addition to, Sunday 26thFrom 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., three workshops on this topic will be held at Joan Miró Square.

Other program proposals

The program also includes activities such as concluding gymnastics and dance workshops for the elderly (May 279 a.m., at Plaça de Pau Picasso), as well as an online roundtable on the ongoing coronavirus, organized by the Public Health Advocacy Platform of Pécs Valles (May 29 11:30 am).

Proposals will end on May 31 With an information platform about the 25th No Tobacco Week and World No Tobacco Day that CAP specialists will hold at Plaça de Pau Picasso.

All activities are free and do not require prior registration, except for the blood and plasma donation campaign on May 14 (reserve places on the Blood and Tissue Bank website).

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