A review of four music cycles beginning at Osuna and Repulse

A review of four music cycles beginning at Osuna and Repulse

Good weather is coming and with it different music sessions and festivals start popping up everywhere, some starting this year and others coming from years ago. This is a choice.


A concert by Edward Jenner in the hospital gardens opens this Saturday (6pm) the seventh edition of the Microclima Festival, a festival that programs small-scale concerts in unique venues in the Camprodon area. The musician from Solsona presents his latest album Swing de comarques. The upcoming concerts will be performed by Joan Rovira, Meritxell Niedermann and La Pau.


L’Art de les Masies is the name given to a new cycle promoted by the city council of Ceva, which will consist of four concerts distributed in different farmhouses in the area, which are of interest to their heritage value. The first by Bernat Prat (violin) and Oriol Prat (cello), this Saturday in two sessions at Mas Soprivia. Entry is by advance reservation.


The castles of Montesquieu and Bessoura will be the setting for the Música a la Gespa cycle, which programs four concerts during Sundays in May. The first will be performed by Dan Peralbo and El Comboy, who will perform in the Montesquieu Gardens at noon on Sunday. Next up will be in charge of Matthew McDaid and Silva Noa, closing out the latter at Castle Bissoura with La Reverter.


The accordion concert in Pas de Cal Comte opens the Spring Mini Concerts cycle on Sunday, organized by the Centelles City Council. These are performances by young Centellencs musicians, every Sunday at the same venue and at 2/4 to 1pm during the month of May. Centelles Gospel Chuoi, Grup Korup, jazz groups and youth orchestra will perform at the following shows.

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