6 Simple Weight-Loss Tricks (According to Science)

6 Simple Weight-Loss Tricks (According to Science)

Losing weight is hard enough. So it’s best to make things a little easier by using the tricks below. all depends research.

  1. Get some small plates
    They tend to put an entire plate in the room, whether it’s a small or a large plate. If you eat a smaller plate, you will almost automatically eat less.
  2. Hang a mirror near the dining table
    Those who watch eating junk food enjoy it less. If you see a plate full of vegetables in the mirror, then you eat it with more pleasure.
  3. to clean the kitchen
    If cooking is a mess, you’ll be eating an extra 100 calories per day, according to research. In clean and tidy kitchens, people are more likely to opt for carrots or any other healthy snack.
  4. Dim the lights
    Amazingly, with simple mood lighting, people enjoyed their food more, ate more slowly, and consumed up to 18% fewer calories.
  5. mint scent
    Another strange study: people who smell like mint every two hours are more focused and less hungry. They consumed – at least in the study – 2,800 fewer calories per week.
  6. Choose a blue board
    The idea is to contrast the colors that make you eat less. So choose white pasta with red sauce, not white sauce. According to scientists, the plate with a blue border is preferred. So you may like more of it and therefore eat less.

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