Maximum safety and comfort, and the price is amazing

Maximum safety and comfort, and the price is amazing

If you are looking for an excellent helmet for your motorcycle adventures, you have come to the right place. Here are all the details about the news.

Those who want to live a unique experience while riding in the best way rely on high-level clothing and accessories, among which the helmet also deserves its importance. Today we will tell you exclusive newsfor a completely different product compared to commercial competitors, even if the price has clearly been affected, reaching very high numbers that make it a premium product.

The helmet changes everything –

Nowadays, great progress has been made in studying a helmet that can combine quality and safety, in order to protect in the best way from shocks and impacts. Helmets are the items most capable of saving lives and avoiding serious damage when you lose control of your motorcycle. If you want absolute safety, you should focus on the Scorpion EXO GT SP Air. Let's find out in detail.

Helmet, let's discover the Scorpion EXO GT SP Air

On the website”Dueruote.itA truly amazing new motorcycle helmet has been described, which could be perfect for enthusiasts who want a high-end experience on two-wheeled vehicles. We're talking about the Scorpion EXO GT SP Air, a complicated name, but it hides cutting-edge technologies and high-level security. It was informally presented at EICMA last November, and now it has been finally revealed.

Scorpio exo on display (media) –

It is a helmet that fits into the Gran Turismo Sports collection, and is clearly of the highest value, as we will see later from its price. One of its strengths is the new APEX series casingWhich are created by combining different materials together. These include 3K Twill thermoformed carbon as well as fiberglass.

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As you can see from the shot posted here, there are clear links to the track, while it's perfect for the road as well. The design is very elegant and also distinctive due to the excellent sound insulation it is equipped withSo you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience protected from loud noise. Inside, velvet dominates, very enveloping and breathable, and what makes the difference is the Airfit system, which perfectly adapts to the shape of your face.

The titanium Double-D closure cannot be missed, as well as the pre-equipped intercom system, which will allow you to communicate safely when you are on the saddle. Prices are quite high and start from 469.90 for the hard versionWith a wide range of colors to choose from.

We find, in particular, Metal Black, Matt Black, Matt Black Pearl, Pearl White and Celestial Mat Blue. At 499.90, there's the most extreme version, the Graphics, available at Augusta, Techlane and Touradven. Sure, it's not an economical item, but we assure you that you will feel the difference with traditional helmets.

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