6 musical proposals planned for Women's Week

6 musical proposals planned for Women's Week

Music journalist and collaborator with 'Tesner Square' Nando Cruz reviews the agenda Concerts that will be held in Barcelona at the beginning of next March on the occasion of Women’s Day. However, before that, he wants to make it very clear that he is a “little bit”. Shame“That we should wait for a date like this to talk about music made by women. In fact, it guarantees it Many artists complain That “everyone runs to call them when March comes and then they forget.” You can watch the full clip of Nando Cruz at the show in the video above.

Concert agenda

  • Thursday, March 7 and Friday, March 8 (tickets sold), Andrea Mutis will perform at 8.30pm in La Paloma Hall. In these concerts he explores a more intimate sound, accompanied only by violin, mandolin and percussion.
  • the Parnasant Author's Song Festivalwhich will take place from January 26 to May 19, there will be a group of women this weekend: Carmen Paris, Magali Sarri, Alba Luz, Alide Sans, Rebeca Jiménez, Reynaldo and Clara, among others.
  • he ESMUC Feminist Society, along with Fort Pink Civic Center, Theater Institute The school itself carries out performance work with a choir and symphony orchestra Over 100 givenOn stage in Plaça del Fort Pienc on March 8 at 5 p.m.
  • Tori Sparks He will act March 8 at Luz de Gas at 9pm. Announced guests include Marga Mbande, Judy Cash and The Sparkles. The musical lineup will range from rock to blues and country and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Anna Bella Foundation.
  • he Fem Pop Festival It programmed one hundred singer-songwriters or groups with leading female voices. This edition will be Saturday, March 9, 8pm in CaprilesIn Maresme.
  • To end the weekend, Sunday 10 in Plaza de la Laguna de LanaoIn the Col de Gracia neighborhood. 12 noon They will act Ruinosa and Rahula are strippersa bubnopunk group from Barcelona that blends the aesthetics of the drag world with the sound and identity of punk.
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