Vampire, an American anti-drone system that could change the war in Ukraine

Vampire, an American anti-drone system that could change the war in Ukraine

Government United State Eight Nasams surface-to-air missile systems will be sent to Ukraine and two of them will arrive in the near future: Senior official of pentagonal In a note from the US Department of Defense. In particular, it has been determined that the United States has already supplied Ukraine with 1,400 Stinger, short-range air defense systems, and has also committed to supplying eight Nasams and related ammunition, two of which will be in Ukraine in the near future. . , while six others will be provided later. Added to this are a number of unmanned aerial systems, including the Vampire system and other radar systems.

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Vampire anti-drone system

just order Vampire It can prove to be an essential tool to tackle i kamikaze drones The Iranian industry with which the Russians are sabotaging and destroying Ukrainian energy and civilian infrastructure. The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) said it will supply it to Ukraine by the middle of 2023.

Vampire air defense systems are small, inexpensive and easy to transport Can be easily installed on trucks and other vehicles They are used as rocket launchers. A type of portable warfare equipment capable of shooting down drones sent by Russian forces to Ukraine in order to attack or carry out reconnaissance activities. The system can be quickly installed on the vehicle and operated even by one person.

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Specifically, the Vampire air defense system consists of Four-barreled rocket launcher And unlike other larger systems such as the S-400 or Mim-104 Patriot, it is relatively low cost and can be installed on a pickup truck with great ease. Possessing a certain amount of vampire systems will allow Kyiv To quickly counter drones He flies.

Russian missile attacks on Kyiv

Meanwhile, in recent days, Russian missile attacks have mainly targeted hydroelectric power plants, leaving 80 percent of Kyiv’s population without water, and cutting power to some 350,000 homes.

Occupations of housing residents of Kherson region

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said the capital’s water and electricity supply had been restored. Russian troops, however, occupy homes in the Kherson, in southern Ukraine, by forced displacement of the population. “The occupiers are forcibly displacing civilians. In the city of Kakhovka, Kherson region, civilians living near the bank of the Dnipro River were forced from their homes. Russian forces build fortifications and lay mines near civilian homes,” says the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kherson, on the front line are still inexperienced Russian soldiers recruited in the last partial mobilization

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