150,000 tulips in the former Cnr Garden in Scandicci

150,000 tulips in the former Cnr Garden in Scandicci

(ANSA) – SCANDICI (Florence), NOVEMBER 30 – A colorful runway of tulips to bloom next spring in a temporary garden from the former Cnr in Scandici (Florence) for the 2023 edition of Wander and Pick. There are already 150,000 bulbs – according to municipal reports – for the 2023 Tulips project, based on the project designed by architect Giulia Crosetti Korinic and landscape architect Elenia Maria Agresti of Dromhus studio, with idea and curator Alessandra Benati of the Earth Tribes Association; Of the 150,000 existing bulbs, of about 65 different species, 120,000 bulbs are planted in the second half of November 2022, and the rest are from the previous version; The bloom design will be the runway design. The floor plan of Wander and Pick 2023 covers an area of ​​over 2,000 square metres.

“One hundred and fifty thousand bulbs in the ground for a flower full of colors and different types of tulips,” says project coordinator Alessandra Benatti of Le Tribù della Terra. “The Wander and Pick plan for next spring will reproduce a large floral amphitheater. After the mass in which the bulbs will be planted, we will place small columns to protect the area, after which visitors will be able to enjoy the slow and continuous growth of plants until the moment of flowering.

“We are in the sixth edition of Wander and Pick in the Temporary Park, in the center of Scandicci, an initiative that is increasingly becoming part of the tradition of our city – says environmental consultant Barbara Lombardini – every year the flowers manage to renew themselves with new colors and increasingly diverse species according to the principles of diversity Biological, thanks to the commitment, creativity and imagination of the promoters of this amazing event. The tulips will also see the resumption of activities next spring in the new temporary park. The former Cnr, a single space increasingly lived by citizens and which in the near future will be a real new green area, which will benefit the citizens of Scandicci and the region Urban area “. “The use of the land of the temporary park in the Cnr of Scandicci formerly for Wander and Pick,” concludes curator Alessandra Benati, “allows for the ongoing experimentation of organic floriculture using probiotic colonies on bulbous plants.” (Dealing).

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