Biagio Antonacci and Mariana Morandi: the whole truth about the end of their relationship

Biagio Antonacci and Mariana Morandi: the whole truth about the end of their relationship

Biagio Antonacci is one of our most beloved singers, but what happened with Mariana Morandi?

Biagio Antonacci, He recently appeared on the stage of the famous Jova Beach Party Theater where he delighted the audience with: Sognami e Liberatemi.

Biagio Antonacci and Mariana Morandi-

But what happened with Mariana Morandi? Here are all the details.

Biagio Antonacci because he broke up with the daughter of Gianni Morandi

One of our most appreciated artists is Biagio Antonacci whose career began in the late 1980s and continues to this day. In 1988 he participated in the Sanremo Festival In the section of new shows that brought the song: I want to live a moment, the following year, his first album was released: Sono cose che capitano.

While preparing other records, he collaborated with Raffaella Carrà for Parole Maldette and Mietta for Brivido di vita. With the album Liberatemi he got the final and coveted fame. In 1996 he wrote and wrote the book “The Happy Family” with Luca Carboni. In the year 200, on the other hand, he produced the album for singer Ceria: Like a Drop of Water.

As for his private life, he has been with a woman named Paola Cardinale for 15 years now. She is the face of the entertainment world and with the singer He also fathered a third son to Biagio. The two are very conservative and do not leak any specific news about them. In any case, before meeting Paula, the artist had another affair with the daughter of a colleague. Here’s what happened between them and why they broke up.

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“Leaving is a gesture of love”

Biagio Antonacci, in the past, had a long love affair with Mariana Morandi, the daughter of Gianni Morandi. They were together from 1993 to 2002, but always preferred to stay away from worldly news, and take care of their family with care. Together they had two sons: Giovanni and Paolo.

The two of them never wanted to talk about the reasons why they broke up. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the singer confided that after the breakup the two continued to get along especially for the sake of the children.

The story of Biagio Antonacci with marianna
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“Mutual appreciation among former colleagues is essential, because it carries trust” The musician said, adding that his ex-wife knows she has never exposed her children to bad people and neither does he. The artist has She stressed that letting go is a gesture of love coming back to you.

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