Diplomacy in the Mission / US-Russia Dialogue and the Role of Italy

The “dismissal” of Kazakhstan and Belarus to allow NATO foreign ministers to discuss Russia and Ukraine was a warning to Russia that NATO exists and that it is even more important to the United States, and that they have laid the groundwork for reality. Resumption of US-Russia talks. Has 2022 already blown the war wind around its neck? Some symptoms do not make you think. Washington and Moscow not only agreed to hold two important meetings next week with NATO, but also the NATO-Ukraine Commission on the 10th and the NATO-Russia Council on the 12th, which have not met since 2014 after the Crimean invasion. . The idea is that a forced but constructive expansion phase is being established between the two.
With these complexes, 2022 begins under the dual identity of 2021’s legacy weighed down by many open crises, and all of this is back to previous years, and with some recent positive signs. Of these, the declaration of China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, whose meaning was understood only by a few, was not for aggressive purposes, but for the use of nuclear weapons, interfering in the face of procrastination. The conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty was scheduled to begin on January 4.

In 2021, the United States, China and Russia were the protagonists, and Europe was unfortunately taken by many more different souls. 2021 is going to be very difficult for the United States, which began with the shameful attack on Capitol Hill on January 4 and with the promise that Biden will make a difference in international relations. Things turned out differently. “The United States is returning,” Biden told NATO and the EU in Brussels in March last year. He, playing the renewed diversity card, was believed to want to reassure his allies that the United States was “there” again, while his real goal was to understand whether Europeans were still “on his side” in Russia and China. . Then in August Afghanistan represented a “black hole” for the United States and, unfortunately, for all its allies, the consequences would have lasted if quick and bold choices had not been made to start a dialogue with the Taliban.
Russia came from the enemy, the enemy. Yet unable to get rid of its Soviet and Tsarist past, it is provoked with the pretext that it was provoked. To prevent tensions from escalating into a crisis, an intelligent group game between US diplomacy and major European nations, including the Holy See, is needed, for example, to avoid accelerating the legitimate aspirations of Ukraine and Georgia. To join NATO, at least in the short term.

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China is the new enemy, or rather rival, and the term also psychologically describes differences in the US approach compared to Russia rather than political terms. From Clinton, the United States focused more on the Pacific for the purpose of controlling China, but knew that sooner or later they would have to deal with the Dragon. The real challenge for Washington in 2022 is how to communicate with China and, above all, with whose help. In a world divided by rivals, Washington, with the support of big Europeans, must find a partner in Russia who can break the unstable reconciliation between Beijing and Moscow on the issue of human rights, and confront Xi Jinping’s power politics. But we need to find more credible ideas than the recent US attempt at Indo-Pacific quad democracy with India, Australia and Japan to control China. How to help the people of Hong Kong, or how to protect Taiwan’s security, represents to China what Russia is to Ukraine. In all of these scenarios, Italy will be able to play an active role in 2022, on the condition that it guarantees the safe continuation of extraordinary work carried out since last February, which has enabled us to regain credibility and power.

We are not a global power, but we have history, culture and global highlights that have always been recognized by us, allowing us to play a much tougher role than the role of our key partners. Do not waste this tradition. Like the Chinese, we will turn crises into opportunities and withdraw the Mediterranean, the Balkans, Libya, Iran, Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries as far as Israel is concerned. We will not miss our genuine support for efforts to reduce tensions with Russia and China without fail in firm solidarity with the United States. Our contribution to elimination can live up to our traditions.

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