American support in the war in Ukraine –

American support in the war in Ukraine –

The United States tells Kyiv about the exact location of the Russian units: this would explain why a large number of Moscow officers and generals died during the war in Ukraine. But the Russians are gaining positions in the south

After a crucial day, That April 26As tensions escalated between Russia and the West, The battle on the ground and the battle of propaganda and communication are increasingly intertwined. The statements of London and Washington – the legitimate attacks of Ukrainians in Russia, which must be undermined – led to a threat from Moscow, i.e. It hit even NATO countries that supply Kyiv with weapons. Two days ago, army Russian President Vladimir Putin Meanwhile the Ukrainian railway network hit, Threatens supply lines and diplomacyBut by Tuesday, the trains were running at full capacity again. Compared to Tuesday, three aspects appear: Intelligence, stocks and news from the field.


Solo Exchange of information Much has been written between the CIA and Kiev: one The cooperation that Americans described as revolutionaryAnd in some respects even public. Many details have already been revealed but others have been added, step by step, to reveal the stages of the conflict. According to the American television network NBCthe Ukrainians could have destroyed a Russian plane that was transporting soldiers to Hostomel airport thanks to the coordinates from the United States: the cargo was part of the first wave of the attack in the metropolitan area, several Russian soldiers had died in the attack. This information provides new details for a well-known storyThe port is located in the northwest of the capital. During the first night of the warRussian special forces actually tried to occupy the airport with the aim of Establishing a bridgehead and encouraging the flow of reinforcements by aircraft: those units should also have neutralized the Kyiv government – and perhaps – Kill Zelenskybut waiting for them they found the Ukrainians.

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And speaking of the Ukrainian president, NBC determines that The
The US Secret Service contributes to its securitysuggest how protect her movements, is trying to block his location, possibly also using electronic devices to avoid wiretapping and tracking. At the same time, the CIA is concerned that the chain of command for the resistance will continue to function even in an emergency. The Americans also suggest to the Ukrainians how and where to move anti-aircraft systems or fighters
And to prevent them from being beaten. It was also this almost real-time exchange of information that impeded the army’s attempt to gain air supremacy. An unnamed US official explained to the broadcaster that the cooperation had a tactical and strategic impact. There are many examples of how this really made a difference.

In addition to providing satellite imagesthen, the CIA tells the Ukrainians the exact location of the Russian units and this, some analysts argue, would explain Because during the war a large number of Moscow officers and generals died. Finally, there is an aspect that demonstrates Washington’s progress in the conflict: if they initially moved cautiously, to help the Ukrainians but at the same time tried not to provoke the Kremlin, at a certain point The United States accelerated
. Until the beginning of April, the Director of US Intelligence Avril Haines was instructed not to share information that would help Kyiv to regain its territory. Donbass The Russians occupied it or were allowed to strike in Crimea, which Putin annexed militarily in 2014. The turning point came in April, also accompanied by the arming of units engaged in the eastern region of Ukraine.

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The turning point in the supply of weapons often led experts to question the stocks: Are there enough weapons to continue supplying the Ukrainians at this rate? To date, more than 5,000 Javelins anti-tank weapons and 1,400 Stingers anti-aircraft guns, essential for the resistance, have been sent to Ukraine, which has depleted US supplies: it will take years, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. with a new one. two weeks ago, The White House met with CEOs Among the eight largest US arms manufacturers — including Raytheon Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing — Reassure them and invite them to speed up the settlement in light of a long struggle .

Now, reveal the location one defenseCEO of Raytheon has made it clear that he won’t be able to ramp up production of the Stinger until at least 2023It’s been 18 years since the company hasn’t made anything for the Pentagon and now its building components are missing. CEO George Hayes revealed in a phone call with financial analysts on Tuesday that we have a limited amount of material. We’ll have to get down and redesign some of the rocket’s electronics and guidance system. He explained that Raytheon is building new missiles at a factory in Arizona, but The production line can only support a limited number of them.


They are not the Kremlin’s victory handouts, but Kyiv’s confessions. The Russians occupy other villages in the eastern region and some locations in the south. Some factors determine successes.

1) To the east, the army is advancing on several axes, with parallel formations managed to mutually support each other. The sector is the Izyum-Rubizhne sector. More coordinated and efficient work. Maybe the general Alexander Dvornikov I managed to correct some setup errors that appeared during the expedition to Kyiv.

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2) As the Isw Institute points out, The Ukrainians were not ready to withstand an attack from the Kharkiv region towards Donbass

3) The invaders are not only bombing heavily but They try to neutralize the artillery pieces of the defenders. A British report emphasized one aspect: according to the Ukrainian commanders, it was not anti-tank weapons that stopped the attack on the capital, but artillery fire on the columns. That is why NATO has increased the supply of this component. Several American M777 models – towed rifles – and long-range missile systems with self-propelled guided munitions of various origins have already been deployed.

still It is too early to say whether the advantages gained by the conquistadors in recent days can turn into a wide success, with the encirclement of Ukrainian units in the future. Not all observers seem convinced, even if the judgments of prepared experts sometimes seem to be plagued by prejudice.

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