Immortals of Aveum, FSR 3 is better than DLSS 3 but stuttering increases

Immortals of Aveum, FSR 3 is better than DLSS 3 but stuttering increases

The Immortals of Avium Now supports AMD Framing Technology on PC and according to testing FSR 3 is better than DLSS 3 Where we take into account the frame rate achieved using the RTX 4090 card, but it seems Stuttering increases.

We recently explained how FSR 3 works and how this technology uses the features of DirectX 12 to… Select the frames to create Instead of using artificial intelligence, as happens with DLSS 3.

Well, the implementation in Immortals of Aveum (review here) looks promising however It definitely needs more polishjudging by the values ​​​​expressed in the graph that you can see below.

The point is the drops

Aveum Immortals, Performance with FSR 3 and DLSS 3

As mentioned, in absolute values ​​FSR 3 seems to push more than DLSS 3, and in fact in the Ascendant Studios title the frames reach 110.2 versus 95 for NVIDIA technology. the But the important point is the dipswhich upon closer inspection occurs with greater intensity when using AMD frame construction.

Needless to say, it will be very interesting to see how the situation develops, also because there is talk of possible support for FSR 3 is also available on PS5 and Xbox Serieswith all the advantages this will bring in terms of performance.

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