February 9, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Infidels worthy of Insigne’s heir! Lots of shots at the end, but I trust the club! About Politano…”

This is how Luciano Spalletti commented on Napoli’s second friendly match in Dimaro.


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Luciano Spalletti Comment on Napoli’s second friendly match in Dimaro. These are the statements of the blue technician, published on the official Napoli website: “We got the ball rolling well, we got the ball well, and then gave us quality infidels in the first half. A worthy alternative to a hero like Insigne.

“Sure we are thinking about some integration between the team, but the market is telling us there will be a lot of last minute visits due to the length of time the negotiations affect. I fully trust the company for the operations we are going to do.”

Obviously, fans want to see the quality. We have only one means at our disposal, and that is to show character and technique when we enter the field

How did you find Osimene?

Victor must find the best case, but we know what his great potential is and we will go to work on his qualities that are not yet expressed.

About Politano: “I don’t know why you want to make Matteo’s case an issue. If Politano stays and gives us his important contribution like last year, we are all happy

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